Emergency Management

Town of Ocean City now has Emergency Advisory Radio Station

To improve communication and enhance the safety of those living, working and visiting in Ocean City, the Town of Ocean City has installed an AM emergency advisory radio station. The frequency of the station is 1670 KHz on the AM dial and is received throughout the Ocean City area. Every AM radio will be able to receive this frequency.

The primary use of this station is to inform the public of emergency conditions in the area and how to respond to them. An emergency could consist of severe weather or any other condition that could affect the well being of the public in the Ocean City area.

This non-commercial radio station is monitored by the Town of Ocean City, and in non-emergency situations, the station broadcasts community information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Messages that play on a 15- to 20-minute cycle include emergency preparedness information. Having a non-commercial FCC license does not allow any commercial broadcasting.

The portable alert AM radio station was acquired by the Town with a Homeland Security grant.

Be sure to keep your radio dial tuned to 1670 AM for WQKF 629 Ocean City, MD for additional emergency preparedness information or emergency advisories.