Planning and Community Development Department


October 29, 2014
301 Baltimore Avenue - First Floor
Council Chambers of City Hall – 3:00 PM

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A request has been submitted to the Board of Adjustments and Appeals for a Variance to Chapter 38, entitled “Floods” Section 38-52 #5 “Replacement of any Service Equipment”, and Chapter 38-71 “Minimum Elevation Requirements” of the Code of the Town of Ocean City, for a variance to move a generator foundation 5 to 6 feet and remain at present elevation. The building is known as La Mirage and is located at 6109 Atlantic Avenue, parcel # 8180-3-113 in the Town of Ocean City, Maryland.

Applicant: Shelley Hoffman/Shipley Management
Owner: La Mirage Condo

Case: BAAV #14-100





Board Members

Bill Salvatore 
Thomas Allen
Michael Donnelly
Charles H. Walls
Phil Reid
1st Alternate
Kevin Rohe
2nd Alternate