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What is a Auxiliary Officer?

A civilian trained to support the Police Department and serve the citizens of Ocean City by providing volunteer services to supplement regular law enforcement personnel in the performance of specific duties.

In 1999, seven civilians endured 8 Saturdays of training, totaling 56 hours, to become Auxiliary Officers with the Ocean City Police Department. In 2000, eight additional civilians were provided the same course of training and were added to the force upon graduation. In 2003, five more volunteers were added to the force after completing training taught specifically by the current Auxiliary Officers. In 2005, four more Auxiliary Officers completed training. The training was designed to prepare members for the duties and assignments associated with the newly formed corp. Training topics included the following:

  • Military Courtesy, Conduct and Ethics
  • Community Policing and Crime Prevention
  • First Aid and C.P.R.
  • Radio Communications
  • Traffic Control
  • Conflict Management and Resolution
  • Crime Scene Searches and Protection
  • Report Writing
  • Parking Citations
  • Weapons Familiarization and Pepper Spray
  • Court Rules, Procedures and Testimony
  • Uniform Care and Personal Appearance

Outstanding Community Service Award

Selection criteria includes involvement in community service projects as both a Auxiliary Officer and private citizen. Involvement in youth activities, dedication to community crime prevention and participation in religious, fraternal or social programs are all considered. The 2000 Outstanding Community Service Award was presented to Auxiliary Officer Tonja Sas.

Auxiliary Officer of the Year

“Auxiliary Officer of the Year” is awarded to the person who best demonstrates a devotion to duty and public service and whose conduct and contributions exemplify the purpose of the Auxiliary Unit. Recent recipients of the Auxiliary Officer of the Year Award include: 1999 - Margaret Sas, 2000 - Sy Longberg, 2001- John Prescott, 2002 - Jack Doran 2003 - Tonja Sas, 2004 - Dorothy C. Morse, 2005 - Donald Olson, 2006 - Sy Longberg 2007 - Robert Borys, 2008 - Charles Judd, 2009 - Robert Borys, 2010 - Ann Gough, 2011 - Shalimar Kufchak and in 2012 there were two winners Reid Gay and Wanda Olson.

Auxiliary Police Officers are typically tasked with duties which are civilian and/or administrative in nature. In addition, Auxiliary Officers are vested with the authority to issue parking and municipal citations (leash laws; sleeping on the beach; bicycle, skateboard and roller blade ordinances; littering; hitchhiking; urinating in public; throwing objects; etc...)

Since its inception in 1999, members of the Auxiliary Unit have amassed 48,423 hours of volunteer service resulting in a cost savings of more than $1,591,667.00 to the Ocean City Police Department and the Town of Ocean City. Last year (2012) Auxiliary officers volunteered a record 3, 354 hours.


Common Auxiliary Officer Work Assignment

Administrative/Services Division:

  • Administrative/Services Division:
  • File Reports and Enter Tickets into the RMS Computer System
  • Enter Name of Person and Items Pawned into Computer System to aid officers in solving robberies etc...
  • Answer Phone Calls and Assist the Public
  • Uniform Maintenance – Inventory, Who Has What Equipment
  • Entering Arrest/Evidence Information into Computer System
  • Assist with Destroying Evidence after Trial
  • Educate Owners and Employees on Recognizing Authentic ID’s
  • Seasonal Hiring Process
  • Police Academy and Practical Scenarios
  • Assist public affairs staff during Citizen Police Academy (CPA) classes
  • Promote CPA classes to Community Organizations
  • Home surveys to help minimize the public’s vulnerability to break-ins
  Patrol Division:
  • Baltimore Avenue Detail and Pedestrian Safety
  • Answer Questions and Patrol Boardwalk
  • Assist Officers in Surveying Patrol Areas
  • Assist on Traffic Stops and During Calls for Service
  • Registering Cars with national Watch Your Car program
  • Work with Mounted Unit Doing Misc. Duties at the Stables
  • Springfest and Sunfest
  • Patrol Checkpoints / Parking Enforcement
  • Back-Stage Security at Concerts
  • Parade and Construction related traffic control
  • Parking and Tow Sign surveys
  Special Events:

  • Good Friday and Easter Sunrise Ceremonies
  • Flag Day Ceremony
  • Crusin’ Streetrod Festival
  • Winterfest of Lights
  • July 4th Events
  • Sundaes in the Park
  • Labor Day Beach Concert Series
  • Play It Safe Events for High School Seniors
  • Town of Ocean City New Year’s Eve Party
  • Northside Park Dances
  • Holiday Shopper’s Fair Security
  • Corvette Club Parade
  • St. Patrick’s Day Parade
  • Ocean City Christmas Parade
  • Seaside 10K Run and Biathlon
  • Fireman’s Parade
  • Festival of Music Parade
  • White Marlin Parade
  • Ravens Roost Parade
  • American Legion Parade

Would you like to be a Auxiliary Officer?

  • Can you donate at least 144 hours a year?
  • Do you have a clear criminal and driving record?
  • Can you stand for hours at a time?
  • Are you a US citizen with a High School Diploma?

If so, we would like to add you to a future class!
Contact Lieutenant Scott Harner at (410) 723-6629