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Ocean City Police Bike Unit


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The Ocean City Police Department Bike Unit was established in 1993 through federal funding designed to encourage a community policing initiative. A small group of officers were selected in the agency to attend training through the International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA).

The officers on the unit initially volunteered to bring their own bikes into work, in order to patrol the streets and neighborhoods within the community. This highly motivated group of officers made new contacts and presented a unique quality of policing to residents and visitors of Ocean City.

On October 12, 1994 members of the unit and recently retired Police Chief, David C. Massey, were nationally recognized by the former United States President, William Jefferson Clinton. President Clinton acknowledged their efforts and success in the capture and arrest of a serial rapist that had victimized numerous women throughout Delaware and Maryland.

Since that time the bike unit has proven to be a very effective tool used to serve the public in the unique, high pedestrian environment in Ocean City.

The Bike Unit currently has four officers in the department listed as year round members of the unit. In addition to the four full time members in the unit, the unit is supplemented by forty other members of the department who have received bike training.

The unit currently has 24 bikes available in the fleet. Initially the first bikes supplied to the officers were fleet series, rigid frame, Trek police mountain bike. In 2000, the agency began to purchase the F5oo, fleet series, Raleigh police mountain bike. The increase of the number of bikes available to the officers is to the credit of the department and donations made by businesses and private citizens in the community.

Ocean City Police officers, who serve as bike officers, supplement patrol in a variety of ways.

Criminal Enforcement

Traffic Enforcement

Crowd Control

Traffic Control

Special Events

Boardwalk Patrol

The officers who participate on the unit as fulltime members and part-time members are expected to be highly accessible to the public. Officers who serve in this capacity are also highly productive and motivated servants for the community.