Ocean City Police Department


Inside the Ocean City Police Department
How many officers are in the Department?
How many seasonal police officers do you hire?
How do you recruit your officers?
What kind of training does a police officer go through?
What kind of training do the seasonal officers get?
Where is the police station?
How can I contact an individual officer?
Who do I call if I think my neighbor is involved in criminal activity?
Why won't the police officer return my call?
How do I make a complaint against an officer?
Can I ride along with an officer on patrol?
Does the Department have a lost and found?
Can my child pet a police dog or horse?
What is the Citizen's Police Academy?

Police Patrols
How many police officers are on patrol on an average?
Where do they patrol?
How many officers are in my neighborhood?
Are the same officers in my neighborhood every day?
What is Neighborhood Watch?
Why do I always see police officers sitting in their cars?
I don't agree with a traffic ticket. What should I do?
Can an officer take back a parking ticket if I argue my position with him?
How long will it take for an officer to get to my house when I call?
Must an officer come to my house or can I make a report over the telephone?

How can I get a copy of a police report?
Is it my responsibility to get a copy of the report like the insurance company tells me?
How can I find out the status of my case?
How do I know who is investigating my case?
Who investigates my case once the summer officer leaves?
Will I be contacted if my open case ever comes to closure?
Will you call me if my property is found?
What does the Victim/Witness Coordinator do?

City Ordinances
When are bicycles & skateboards allowed on the boardwalk?
Can I build a bonfire on the beach?
Can I use a barbecue grill on my condo balcony?
Can we sleep in our cars?
Where can we park our motor home?
Can we leave our boat trailer on the street?
Is the beach closed at night?
Can I walk my dog on the beach?
Does my dog have to be on a leash?
Tell me about the noise ordinance.
Can I drink a beer on the boardwalk?
Can I rollerblade on Coastal Highway?
Is hitch-hiking illegal?
Can I drive my vehicle on the beach?

Crime Prevention
How can I protect my home from burglary?
What is the best kind of lock?
How can I secure a sliding glass door?
Should I engrave my property?
What about an alarm?
How can I join Neighborhood Watch?
Do you have a bicycle registry program?
Are there many cars stolen in Ocean City?
What do I do if I see something suspicious?
Is it safe to walk at night?
Is it a good idea to carry pepper spray?
Are there many carjackings in Ocean City?
What do I do if I'm confronted on the street?

Contemporary Law Enforcement Issues
What is the R.A.A.M. project all about?
What does the department do about pedestrian safety?
What are the most commonly violated laws in Ocean City?
What area do most crimes take place?
Can I find a list of safe rentals for my high school graduate?
What does the police department do to control these kids in June?
What are the department's concerns during the off-season?