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Matthew W. Gruber

Matthew W. Gruber

(December 22, 2014) – The Ocean City Police Department has arrested an Ocean City man after tying him to a series of thefts from vehicles and a burglary that took place in the Montego Bay area between December 10th and 13th.

On December 10, 2014, Ocean City officers responded to three separate locations in the Montego Bay area in reference to thefts from motor vehicles. Jewelry, electronics and other miscellaneous items with an estimated total value of over $3,800 were stolen from the vehicles. Later that week, officers responded to a report of another burglary in the Montego Bay area where multiple electronics with a total value of approximately $500 were taken.

Working with the community, police quickly identified a suspect in a chain of thefts from parked vehicles in Montego Bay.  Subsequently on December 18, detectives located the suspect, Matthew W. Gruber, 30, of Ocean City, and took him into custody.  During the arrest officer’s recovered jewelry reported stolen from the vehicles.

A search and seizure warrant was served a short time later on Gruber’s residence where detectives found most of the items stolen the week before.  Additionally detectives located items taken during a first degree burglary of a private home in Montego Bay.

Detectives have charged Gruber with breaking and entering, two counts of theft less than $1,000, theft less than $10,000 and multiple other theft charges. Gruber was seen by a Maryland District Court Commissioner and has been transferred to the Worcester County Jail on $75,000 bond.

Police are searching for further victims associated with additional property recovered from Gruber and believed to be stolen.  Any citizens that believe they may have been a victim of theft are asked to contact Detective Carl Perry at 410-520-5439 or



Bryan K. Taylor

Bryan K. Taylor

(December 11, 2014) – On December 10, 2014, at approximately 4:13 a.m. Ocean City officers responded to the area of 1st Street and Philadelphia Avenue for a report of trespassing. The suspect, later identified as Bryan K. Taylor, 48, of Ocean City, was given a trespass warning for the residence earlier in the morning in the presence of an officer and had returned to the property.

Upon arrival, officers could hear Taylor making threatening statements to another male behind a locked door and was holding a fixed blade knife. After multiple commands from an officer with his gun drawn, Taylor put down the knife and was arrested. Through investigation, officers determined that Taylor was threatening the individual behind the locked door after a minor altercation a few hours prior.

Police have charged Taylor with first and second degree assault, possessing a dangerous weapon with intent to injure, trespassing and disorderly conduct. Taylor was seen by a Maryland District Court Commissioner and is currently being held at the Ocean City Public Safety Building on $50,000 bond.



scam-alert(December 9, 2014) – The Ocean City Police Department is warning citizens about a current telephone scam that has recently been reported in the resort. The scam involves a caller who claims to be a Town of Ocean City Water Department employee.

The scammer states that a payment is needed and if the resident does not pay immediately, the scammer claims that a technician from the Town will turn off all water service. Further, the scammer states that the technician will only accept payment in the form of a MoneyPack pre-payable card. The scammer claims the card will be picked up by the technician but later calls and requests the card confirmation number. Citizens are advised that all calls from this scammer have come from the number 1-800-878-4957.

The Ocean City Police Department and the Town of Ocean City reminds citizens that employees will never request nor accept a pre-payable card as payment for utilities. Additionally, employees will never request credit card information from citizens over the phone. Citizens that receive a call from this scammer are asked to hang up and contact the Ocean City Police Department at 410-723-6610 to report the call.



(December 1, 2014) – Two Ocean City officers recently topped the Maryland State Pistol Championships in Frederick, MD. Finishing first place overall as a two man team, Reserve Officer Mark Doyle and Police Officer 1st Class Daniel Jacobs took the State Champion title scoring higher than other competing municipal, state and federal law enforcement officers from across the state. To earn the title, RO Doyle and Pfc. Jacobs shot varying numbers of rounds from several positions at distances of 7, 15, 25 and 50 yards with semiautomatic and revolver handguns.

RO Doyle also took third place overall for the “distinguished semi-automatic” competition, third place in his class in the “open revolver” competition and first place in his class in the “open semi-automatic” competition. Pfc. Jacobs earned second place overall for the “distinguished revolver” competition, first place in his class in the “open revolver” competition and second place in his class in the “open semi-automatic” competition. In distinguished competitions, the firearm may not be modified whereas the open competitions allow modifications to the firearm.

Both officers are eligible to compete in the National Police Combat Championships in New Mexico. The event was hosted by the Maryland Police Combat Association and is registered through the National Rifle Association. For more information about the competition, visit



ThanksgivBam_HiRes(November 25, 2014) – The Ocean City Police Department is joining a national effort to reach out to all Thanksgiving travelers with one important message: buckle up. Historically, Thanksgiving is the busiest travel time of the year, putting more people on the road, and unfortunately increasing the likelihood of crashes. AAA is expecting Thanksgiving holiday travel to reach the highest level since 2007 with 46.3 million Americans taking a trip this week. Each of the millions of holiday travelers can stay safe this Thanksgiving with just one simple click of a seat belt.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that proper seat belt use reduces the risk of fatal injury to front seat passengers by 45 percent, and the risk of moderate to serious injury by 50 percent.  In 2012, approximately 12,174 people survived crashes because they were buckled up. If everyone had worn their seat belts that year, an additional 3,031 lives could have been saved. And that’s just the point of this national seat belt campaign: Buckle Up America – Every Trip, Every Time.

“More than half the drivers and passengers being killed in crashes aren’t wearing seat belts. That’s a major problem,” said Lt. Scott Harner, Commander of OCPD’s Traffic Safety Unit. In 2012, a total of 21,667 passenger vehicle occupants were killed in crashes nationwide, so that means that more than 10,000 of those occupants were not buckled up. Thanksgiving weekend in 2012 (6 p.m. Wednesday, November 21, to 5:59 a.m. Monday, November 26), a disturbing 60 percent—that is, 6 out of 10—of the passenger vehicle occupants killed in crashes were not wearing seat belts. At night, the statistic was even worse: 69 percent of the occupants killed at night were unbuckled.

“For those people who already buckle up every time: Thank you,” continued Lt. Harner. “For them, this campaign serves as a reminder. But for those people who still don’t buckle up for whatever reason, I want to say this: buckling your seat belt is one of the simplest, safest things you’ll ever do.”

So this Thanksgiving, and every day of the year, make sure your seat belt is buckled before you start any road trip—whether it’s one mile or a thousand.



600x600_WebBanner_Facebook_Avatar_Few_Belts(November 17, 2014) – In 2013, Ocean City saw a remarkable 14 percent decrease in traffic collisions as compared to 2012. As 2014 draws to a close, police are optimistic for another decrease in traffic collisions but it rests largely in the hands of those traveling Ocean City roadways.

“The driver is ultimately responsible for their own safety,” stated Chief Ross Buzzuro. “If citizens choose to drink alcohol, we strongly recommend that they have a designated driver, call a cab or catch a city bus. And of course, we want everyone using a seat belt in every seat, every time they get in a vehicle.”

From 2009 to 2013 in Maryland, 856 people were killed in impaired-related crashes, accounting for a third of all traffic fatalities across the state. In addition, almost 600 people died in crashes where they were not wearing a seat belt.

“Our law enforcement partners are out there strictly enforcing our laws, particularly when it comes to impaired driving and seat belts,” said MVA Administrator and the Governor’s Representative for Highway Safety, Milt Chaffee. “We are committed to our goal of moving Toward Zero Deaths on Maryland’s roads and a driver making the right choices means that we can stop needless and preventable tragedies from occurring.”

More than 400 people were arrested for DUI in Ocean City in 2013 and there were hundreds of seat belt citations issued. Penalties for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol are severe, including thousands of dollars in fines and fees, not to mention the increased risk of crashes associated with impaired driving. Drivers face fines of $83 for failing to wear a seat belt, a law that is enforceable in both the front and back seats.



christmas-presents-under-tree(November 13, 2014) – The Ocean City Police Department will once again be partnering with the Santa House, Inc. this holiday season to provide food and toys to local Ocean City families. The Santa House is asking for unwrapped toys and monetary donations in order to provide gifts and good baskets to local families.

Unwrapped, new toys may be dropped off at the Public Safety Building, located at 6501 Coastal Highway, or any Calvin B. Taylor Bank location throughout Worcester County. All monetary donations and contributions should be directed to the Santa House, Inc. and mailed to the Santa House, Inc. at P.O. Box 14, Snow Hill, MD 21863.

For many years, the Ocean City Police Department and the Santa House, Inc. have ensured that struggling families across Worcester County were able to have a joyous holiday season. In 2013, the Santa House provided food, toys and clothes for over 50 Ocean City families and served a combined total of over 500 families throughout Worcester County.



11-7-14 Vandalism Arrests(November 7, 2014) – On October 31, 2014, Ocean City police observed multiple acts of vandalism to city property in the area of 2nd Street and the boardwalk. A fire hydrant, dumpsters and railing had been marked using spray paint. Through investigation, officers were able to identify two suspects – William Kazimierz Placek, 23, of Laurel, MD and Poppy I Walker, 25, of Washington, DC. Officers also determined that the suspects were still in Ocean City.

Placek and Walker were located a short time later in the area of 112th Street and Coastal Highway after officers located a vehicle registered to Placek. Police located empty spray paint cans in the vehicle and placed Placek and Walker under arrest. Officers also located a knife in the vehicle. In addition, officers determined that Placek and Walker were responsible for three additional markings throughout Ocean City previously reported to police. While in custody at the Ocean City Public Safety Building, Placek destroyed a sprinkler head in his jail cell.

Police have charged Placek with six counts of malicious destruction of property, malicious destruction scheme and concealing a deadly weapon. Walker has been charged with one count of malicious destruction of property. Both suspects were seen by a Maryland District Court Commissioner and released on personal recognizance.



10-31-14 Drug Bust(October 31, 2014) – During the month of October, Ocean City Police Narcotics Unit initiated a drug investigation on a residence on the ocean block of 41st Street. The investigations, which was initiated after a citizen tip was received reporting suspected drug activity at the residence, determined that Shakeim Fitzgerald Williams, 38, and Tiffanie Amanda Sunderland, 22, were both living in the residence.

On Friday, October 31, 2014, at approximately 12:20 a.m. members of the Ocean City Police Department Quick Response Team executed a search and seizure warrant at the residence and located Williams and Sunderland inside.

Detectives also located approximately one ounce of cocaine (street value of approximately $2,500), approximately one ounce of heroin (street value of approximately $5,000), a felony amount of marijuana, over $500 in cash and hundreds of items commonly used to package and sell controlled dangerous substances (CDS).

Williams and Sunderland were arrested at the residence without incident. Detectives have charged Williams and Sunderland with three counts of possession with intent to distribute CDS and three counts of possession of CDS. Williams was also wanted in Worcester County for failure to appear for a previous possession of CDS case. Williams and Sunderland were seen by a Maryland District Court Commissioner and have been transferred to the Worcester County Jail. Williams is being held on $125,000 bond and Sunderland is being held on $50,000 bond.




Aaron Lewis Million

Aaron Lewis Million

(October 31, 2014) – On October 30, 2014 at approximately 8:25 p.m. Ocean City police responded to the ocean block of 90th Street for a report of a stabbing. Upon arrival, officers located a 23-year-old male of Ocean City that had been stabbed during an altercation with the suspect, later identified as Aaron Lewis Million, 22, of West Ocean City, MD.

Prior to the incident, the victim’s girlfriend had been staying at Million’s residence for a short period of time and returned to the victim’s residence to reconcile their relationship. Million insisted on going with the female to the victim’s home. Shortly after their arrival, Million and the victim began a physical altercation and Million stabbed the victim multiple times in the groin.

Million fled from the scene and was located a short time later by police at a nearby convenience store where he was arrested without incident. Ocean City EMS transported the victim to Peninsula Regional Medical Center where he is currently in serious but stable condition.

Police have charged Million with first degree assault, second degree assault, openly carrying a dangerous weapon with intent to injure and reckless endangerment. Million is currently being held at the Ocean City Public Safety Building awaiting an initial appearance by a Maryland District Court Commissioner.