Ocean City experiences minimal effects of Hurricane Sandy

Since before sunrise, Town of Ocean City employees have been working to assess the damage throughout town to determine the effects of Hurricane Sandy.  With no known damage to the boardwalk, the results of the initial assessment included anticipated beach erosion and flooding, marginal debris and severe damage to the Ocean City Fishing Pier.  Employees for the Town of Ocean City have been working diligently to clear storm related debris and return regularly scheduled city services.


Emergency personnel not only responded to calls during the storm, but continued to assist residents and visitors upon their return to Ocean City.  In addition, they worked closely with the Maryland State Highway Association, the Maryland State Police, the US Coast Guard and the National Guard to make sure the town was safe for citizens to return. Public Works staff assisted in picking up debris, transporting citizens to and from shelters and cleaning up the beach.  Not to mention, countless employees and volunteers who worked around the clock monitoring the Hurricane, staffing the Emergency Operations Center and meeting the needs of the residents, businesses and visitors before, during and after the storm.
Residents should be reminded that trash pick-up will resume Thursday, November 1.  Trash is scheduled to be picked up on Thursday, November 1, for those who are normally receive pick-up on Monday and Friday, November 2, for those who normally receive pick-up on Tuesday.   In addition, the Mayor and City Council approved to allow Public Works employees to perform storm related debris pickup.  Those who wish to discard storm related debris can place storm related debris on the curb, where citizens normally place trash (out of the way of driveways, street ways and fire hydrants) and Public Works employees will conduct pickup through 5 p.m. on November 6.


The Town of Ocean City wants to thank the residents, businesses and visitors for following the advice of the officials and heeding the warning of the storm.  Due to the preparedness of the citizens and the employees, the Ocean City community experienced zero storm related injuries and minimal city-wide damage.