This week, the Ocean City Police Department will be joining other law enforcement agencies on theEastern Shore, such as the Worcester County Sheriff and the Wicomico County Sheriff, by beginning operational deployment of TASER equipment.  Prior to implementing the TASER equipment, the Ocean City Police Department spent hours developing policy, adopting procedures and extensively training in the use of the TASER.

In addition, the Ocean City Police Department received guidance from other law enforcement agencies that have successfully implemented use of TASERS along with TASER itself.  “Studies have shown that the availability of a TASER can lead to the reduction in injuries to both a police officer and a suspect,” said Chief Bernadette DiPino.  “We believe that having the availability of a TASER will not only reduce injuries of our officers and suspects, but will deter and reduce violent crime in Ocean City.  This is a proactive and positive step in the evolution of our police department and we are thankful to have the opportunity and the support from the Ocean City community.” 

In correlation with training of police officers, the OCPD wants to keep the community informed about this new TASER program. The OCPD is planning an  informational symposium for Ocean City residents, businesses and members of the media.  The symposium will address various topics dealing with the use of the new TASER system, including departmental policy and procedure.  In addition to providing information, the symposium will give citizens the opportunity to ask questions about the  program, as well as view a demonstration of the equipment. 

The Ocean City Police Department believes that a well-informed community is the best form of crime prevention. The OCPD will be conducting the symposium onFebruary 9, 2012, from noon to 2 p.m.at the Ocean City Northside Park Recreation Center meeting room. For more information about this symposium, please contact the OCPD Public Affairs Office at 410-520-5395.