The Ocean City Police Department’s Mounted Patrol Unit has significantly expanded over the past year, not only adding a few new horses to their group but also adding additional riders.  Most recently, Officer Joseph Zurla completed his training program and was officially added as a member of the unit.

Zurla, who recently completed over 320 training hours with the Mounted Unit, joins three additional full-time unit members and two part-time riders. 

Officer Zurla, who began his full-time police career with the OCPD in fall 2007, is proud to be a member of one of  OCPD’s most popular units.  “I am very excited to be a part of such a prestigious unit,” said Zurla. “I look forward to greater interaction with the Ocean City community and my fellow police officers.”

The OCPD Mounted Unit also added “rookie” horses this year.  Some of these new mounts have already seen one summer of duty and are being used as lead-training horses to get the new “rookie” horses up to speed for the upcoming summer season. 

The Ocean City Police wishes to thank the community for all its support during the yearlong building process.  The mounted patrol group is looking forward to continued success as an integral part of enforcement and crime prevention strategy of the OCPD.  “We are continuing to pursue new and innovative strategies that incorporate our mounted patrol in both pro-active and reactive enforcement roles,” said Chief Bernadette DiPino. “The Mounted Unit will support every facet of our departmental deployment strategy, not to mention it is wonderful to see these beautiful animals on our boardwalk.”