It that time of year again, the Christmas holiday season is upon us.  We shop for gifts and make plans to visit family and friends. For most, our homes and its contents contain our most valuable assets, heirlooms and memories and protecting it with the following crime prevention tips is an inexpensive way to maintain value and safety.  In addition to taking steps to protect your home, the Ocean City Police Department asks you to remain vigilant and alert by reporting any suspicious people, activities or circumstances in your neighborhood. 

It is important to continue following simple crime prevention techniques that will protect you and your property from being a victim of a crime.

  • Remember to lock all doors and windows to your home and vehicle.
  • If you have an alarm system, please make certain you use it, even at night when you’re sleeping and when you leave your home unattended for short periods of time.
  • Keep inside and outside of your home well lit.  Lighting is an inexpensive crime prevention strategy and often deters criminals, so keep your lights on.
  • Keep trees and bushes trimmed below windows.
  • Never post vacation or travel plans on social media sites, Facebook, Twitter etc.  Instead, share your plans with a trusted neighbor, family member or friends who will keep an eye on your property while you are away. 
  • If you are away from your residence, don’t “check-in” on social media sites indicating your location.
  • Consider notifying your trusted neighbors of your travel plans and providing them you’re your emergency contact information.

Citizens should consider becoming an active member of an Ocean City Neighborhood Watch Association.  Currently, Ocean City boasts eight Neighborhood Watch Associations, including Caine Woods, Caine Keys II, Bayshore Drive, the Boardwalk Association, Edgewater Avenue, Little Salisbury, Montego Bay and Sundowner Park.  Neighborhood Watch groups have been instrumental in reducing crime and keeping citizens informed of various public safety issues.

If you plan on leaving the area for any extended period of time, the Ocean City Police Department encourages residents to take advantage of the “Residential Security Check Program.”  This free program is available to all Ocean City residents whether you own or rent, live in a condominium or single-family home.  To participate in this program, call the OCPD Public Affairs Office at 410-723-6663. Registration may also be done online by visiting the OCPD website at:

The OCPD knows a well-informed citizen and a proactive community is the best form of crime prevention. Please join the team to keep Ocean City a safe and fun place to live, work and visit.