Ocean City Police Department


Ocean City Mounted Unit

The Ocean City Police Mounted Unit was established in 1989. The mounted unit is a highly visible and mobile tactical unit. The mounted unit is the only police transportation that can go from the Atlantic Ocean to the bay without stopping. The mounted officers’ presence produces a sense of safety and security for our citizens and visitors that improve the quality of life in Ocean City, Maryland. The following are some of the various functions that are performed by the mounted unit:

Crowd Control
The mounted unit acts as a deterrent against militant or violent behavior during demonstrations and is instrumental in dispersing unruly crowds during the summer season.

Community Relations
Mounted officers make numerous personal and business contacts each day.  The officers personal interaction with citizens and visitors helps to create a heightened sense of security throughout Ocean City.

Search and Rescue
The mounted unit is unparalleled in its ability to patrol the beach and boardwalk, routinely locating lost children and criminal suspects.

Special Events
The mounted unit participates in approximately 60 special events annually.