Maintenance Division


This Sub-Division takes great pride in maintaining the beach. The process begins in March with removal of the sand fence and filter cloth that was installed in the fall to prevent sand from blowing on the streets and boardwalk. Six-beach tractors level, drag and rake the beach to prepare the sand for sanitizing. Five large beach sanitizers are pulled behind the tractors to sift the sand and pick up debris. This process to get the beach ready for summer takes about two months. Also, a crew installs signs and repairs any sand fence damaged over the winter

In mid-May, handicap beach ramps are placed on the south end of town, along with the beach toys, volleyball nets, 600 trashcans and 250 recycling cans.

Two staff members work with specialized equipment, removing sand that has built up on the vehicle and pedestrian crossovers, an on-going job due to the weather. The summer operation is seven days a week starting mid-May.

A typical day: 5 a.m., two Broyhill barrel dumpers empty 600 trashcans. 6 a.m., two men in 4x4 trucks ride the beach to pick up debris by hand that the beach machine and Broyhill cannot pick up, i.e. broken beach chairs, umbrellas, coolers, etc. One person on the beach tractor with a specially made 14-foot rake, cleans the water’s edge that beach sanitizer cannot do at night. Another person, fine cleans the beach on Boardwalk’s east side where equipment can’t reach. These tasks are completed in the early hours before tourists arrive.

After a sunny day and the rush of the beachgoers, the night shift begins at 7 p.m. and ends at 3:30 a.m. - or longer if needed. Four employees use tractors with specially made sanitizers to sift the 10 miles of beach each night. They keep the beach clean, leveled and looking great. However, in the past it is has been difficult to keep the wet sand, clean since our present equipment could not handle that type of detailing. Therefore, to aid in the cleaning of the beach, the department has added a Barber machine that will clean the wet sand such as the water’s edge. Together, this will insure that when everyone wakes up, the beach will be ready for another busy day. The beach operation uses six Case tractors, five beach sanitizers, two Broyhill barrel dumpers, a Posi Track, a Bobcat, a Barber walk behind sand cleaner, two 14-foot beach rakes, two 12-foot beach levelers, four 12-foot beach wagons and two 4x4 trucks.