Public Works Department

Inspection Standards

Installation of Manholes, Sanitary Sewer Mains and Laterals

I. Purpose: These standards are promulgated to serve as a guide for inspection of the installation of manholes, sanitary sewer mains and laterals within the jurisdiction of the Town of Ocean City.

II. Materials: Materials shall comply with the State of Maryland Plumbing Regulations and standards of the Town of Ocean City Wastewater Department.

III. Workmanship: The installation shall be such as to be free from defective workmanship and so constructed as to give satisfactory service for its expected life. The installation shall be as specified on the approve plans and specifications.

IV. Specifications:

A. The manhole frame and cover shall be within on quarter () inch of the finished street grade.

B. The precast manhole shall be installed with two (2) layers of manhole brick between the top of the precast manhole and the bottom of the cover frame.

C. Inspections shall be scheduled to insure coverage to the exterior of the manhole with two (2) coats of an acceptable water proofing, prior to any backfill in the area of the manhole.

D. All sanitary sewer mains shall terminate in either a full-size manhole of a lamp hole, dead-end lines will not be acceptable.

E. Lateral sanitary sewer lines shall extend into the property line a minimum of twelve (12) inches and a maximum of eighteen (18) inches.

V. A cleanout standpipe will be installed twelve (12) inches above grade.

VI. Inspections: Inspections shall be conducted on a regular continuing basis to insure full compliance with these standards.

VII. Testing: Appropriate tests shall be conducted to determine the existence of any infiltration or exfiltration for each segment of the system.

VIII. Connection to Existing System: To prevent infiltration into the existing sanitary sewer system, no attempt shall be made to enter into or in any way open the existing system, until all new installation is complete, tested and permission to enter the existing system is obtained from the office of the Superintendent, Town of Ocean City Wastewater Department.

IX. As-Built Drawings: The contractor shall prepare "as built" drawings to be submitted, in three (3) copies to the Town of Ocean City Wastewater Department upon completion and acceptance of construction.


Construction Drawing Standards for Sewer Mains

The following items will be shown on all construction drawings for public sewers submitted to the Town of Ocean City Wastewater Department for approval.

I. Site Plan:

A. The site plan will show location of all sewer mains. Sewer main location, manholes, sewer laterals and any other associated piping will be shown to include sizes.

B. All drawings shall be to scale and the scale will be noted on the site plans.

C. Area of responsibility of the sewer main subcontractor will be noted on the site plans.

D. The elevation of the 100 year flood plain will be noted on the site plan. The site plan will show all manholes with rim elevations. A water seal insert shall be installed and the manholes properly vented in all 100 year flood plain locations.

E. The professional, registered engineer, who is responsible for the project, will affix his seal and signature to the drawings submitted for approval.

F. Easements for sewer main maintenance, if required shall be shown.

II. Profile Plan:

A. A profile of the proposed sewer main will be drawn to scale. It shall include, but is not limited to, pipe grade (in percentage), type of pipe, size of pipe, manhole stations, invert elevations and rim elevations.

B. When the cover is less than thirty (30) inches above the crown of the pipe, encasement of the sewer main in concrete shall be shown.

C. Existing and proposed street grades shall be shown on the drawings.

III. Miscellaneous:

IV. All details and specifications for materials to be used shall be shown.

V. As-Built Drawings:

A. Three (3) copies of the as-built drawings will be submitted to the Town of Ocean City Wastewater Department within thirty (30) days after completion of work.

B. The professional, registered engineer, who is responsible for the project, will sign and affix his seal to the as-built drawings, stating that the drawings are approved and installed as shown.

C. The project will not be considered finaled until the as-built drawings have been received.