Maintenance Division


This Sub-Division has the largest budget. It covers all 10 miles of Ocean City, cleaning streets, painting curbs, striping parking spots and double yellow lines, painting fire hydrants, operating street brooms, cleaning storm drains and cleaning by the “litter gitter” crews. Weather permitting; streets are swept daily year round.

During the summer, three Elgin brooms cover the city daily, followed by three litter gitter crews who sweep corners and hard-to-get spots missed by the street sweepers. Trashcans are placed throughout town and bus stops are steam cleaned.

Our sign department makes most signs in-house, and is responsible for installing and maintaining them.

The Street Division is also responsible for several special jobs. The weed-spraying program consists of crews who spray curb lines to prevent weeds. The mosquito-spraying program has crews spraying as needed. These jobs require specialized training and certification.

The Street Division is responsible for the logistics of 64 special events, for example: St. Patrick’s Day, Easter Sunrise Service, Boardwalk Walk for MS, Kite Festival Spring/Fall, Festival of Music, Springfest, White Marlin Parade, Citywide Spring Clean-up, volleyball series, Ravens Parade, Eastern Surfing competitions, Play It Safe, puppet shows, Fireman’s Parade, Christmas Parade, American Legion Parade, Jesus on the Beach, Caine Keys II Block Party, Corvette Weekend, Coastal Clean-up Assateague, Sunfest, Elks Montego Bay Party, Seaside 10, Winterfest, Open House, spring and fall car cruises, Winefest, Flag Day, July 4th.

The new Cale pay stations have replaced the mechanical parking meters that were once installed on the streets throughout the town. These pay stations are in operation from 7am to midnight at a rate of $1.50 per hour and are in effect from May 25 - September 3rd of each year. These pay stations are fully automated and accept credit cards and quarters and are maintained by the Public Works Maintenance Division.

The operation uses three street brooms, 14 trucks, four arrow boards, forklift, mosquito sprayer, box truck (bulk pick-up), two paint stripers, Kango hammer drill, two augers, air compressor, utility trailer, two judges stands, 40’ stage, one bleacher unit.