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Throughout the summer, the OCBP participates in a number of intra-crew, local, regional, all-women and national competitions. While the majority of the competitions are for the entire Beach Patrol, some require the selection of athletes to represent the Ocean City Beach Patrol. The Ocean City Beach Patrol Surf Rescue Association conducts scheduled morning competitions as a means of honing surf rescue skills. The entire Beach Patrol has the opportunity to participate in the East Coast Ocean Series, Iron Guard Competitions, United States Swimming Maryland Open water Championships, as well as a crew competition scheduled at the end of the season.


July 12

Captain Craig Swim

14th Street - 6:00 p.m.

Captain Craig Results - Ginny Craig Results

Event captured by SwimSpire

July 19

Swim Ocean City for Brain Trauma Research

Join us for the inaugural race of the Ocean City, MD Open Water ocean swim. 1 mile swim - 3 mile swim - 9 mile swim. All 3 swims will run parallel to the shore line swimming in the direction of the current on race day. Learn more and register for this worthwhile event. Or just come out and support the swimmers!

Thanks again to Julia Galan for the write up and photos from the Swim OC event, I know you will enjoy them! http://www.swimspire.com/2nd-annual-swim-ocean-city-rough-conditions-warm-hearts/.
2nd Annual Swim Ocean City: Rough Conditions,

July 19

Mitch Maiorana Run Swim Run

6:30 PM Mitch Maiorana Strong Man Competition

Surf Avenue

July 26 OCBP Crew Comps

*Note: any questions about the above competitions can be directed to BP headquarters 410 289 7556



Official Sun Care Sponsor of the OCBP
Official Sun Care Sponsor of the OCBP


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