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What is an S.R.T.?
SRT stands for Surf Rescue Technician. This is the title earned by the men and women who have demonstrated competency in the techniques and skills required for surf rescue. The SRT's duties include educating the public, warning swimmers of potential danger, rescuing distressed swimmers, responding to emergency situations, administering first aid, reuniting lost and found individuals, enforcing city ordinances, and other duties as assigned. The Beach Patrol is on duty everyday from 10:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. starting the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and continuing 7 days a week though the third the Sunday after Labor Day. An SRT works 43.5 hours a week with days off.

When are the tests?
Although testing for the OCBP is offered on a walk-in-basis, we encourage candidates to call Captain Arbin to register for a specific date and to get the particulars of a location. Since we suspend testing once all positions are filled, we encourage you to select an early test date. If you are unable to attend these dates, keep in contact with the Beach Patrol to learn of additional schedule dates.

Testing Schedule
Beach Patrol 410-289 7556

Surf-Rescue Technician Pre-Employment Physical Skills Evaluation Registration

Candidates interested in participating in these unique testing opportunities should contact the Ocean City Beach Patrol, for specific information regarding off-site pre-employment skill evaluations.

Suggestions for successful completion of the OCBP Pre-Employment Physical Skill Evaluation

Suggestions for training for the test

Ocean City Annual Summer Job Fair
Meet with us here to learn more about the organization and to talk with staff about the details of the job. Check with the Town Calendar Page.

Ocean City Testing for Future Summers

Click on the link below to view the dates when the O.C.B.P. will hold tests in Ocean City. The location for these tests is on the Boardwalk at Dorchester Street.
Testing will be Suspended Once Positions are filled

What must I do to pass the test?

We are looking for athletic, ambitious and responsible men and women who are 16* years of age or older. Every candidate must be able to perform the following tasks: Run in soft sand; swim in ocean water, enter and exit the ocean through the surf, move an unconscious person of 150 lbs., see for 400 meters; hear and locate whistle blast from 300 meters; speak and read the English language. Inability to perform these tasks will result in disqualification from the testing process. As previously stated, training for the job is provided by the Ocean City Beach Patrol during Surf Rescue Academy. Prior to entering Academy, each candidate must pass a vigorous, physical test consisting of the following phases in succession.

Phases of Testing



What certifications do I need for the job?
Ocean/Surf Rescue is significantly more challenging and rewarding than pool or lake guarding. It is also true that the O.C.B.P. does not require ANY certification for candidates to be eligible for employment. However, candidates can be assured that all necessary skills, techniques, procedures and protocols will be taught to them as part of our Surf Rescue Academy: a 9 day paid training program conducted by Beach Patrol instructors with support from other public safety agencies followed by 3 weeks of supervised on the job probation. Because of the uniqueness of the jobs demands, the Beach Patrol does not accept certification or experience credit from other agencies. All aspects of becoming an S.R.T. will be taught to you. Although certifications earned from agencies such as the American Red Cross or the Heart Association will be helpful in carrying out the responsibilities of the position, we do NOT require you have them prior to taking our pre employment skill evaluation.

What does the job pay?
Pay Rates:
SRT in training    13.25
SRT I     14.42-15.15
SRT I     Assistant Crew Chief 15.69
SRT II     Crew Chief 17.07-17.93

Could You Use $600.00 a Week?
A rookie SRT who enters Academy in late May and works a normal schedule through the end of September has the earning potential of $11,000.00 for the season. Calculated out, it comes to approximately $600.00 a week. What could you do with $600.00 a week?

The Mayor and City Council reserve the right to adjust any rate of pay listed above.

The Town of Ocean City, MD offers pay adjustments as you increase your length of employment with the Beach Patrol. It is for this reason that we highly encourage our employees to return year after year. Employment experience carries forward as long as you maintain consecutive years as an S.R.T. Furthermore, additional positions exist beyond those listed above. Those positions are Asst. Crew Chief, Crew Chief, Sergeant, and Lieutenant for those individuals meeting Patrol requirements. The Mayor and City Council reserve the right to adjust any rate of pay listed above.

If I pass the test, what training will I receive?

After satisfactorily completing all phases of the pre employment physical skill evaluation, the candidate will be appointed on a probationary basis to Surf Rescue Academy. While on probation, the candidate will receive instruction in open water rescues, beach patrol policies and procedures, basic oceanography, use of rescue equipment, first aid, C.P.R., Semaphore Communications (a series of signals using flags) radio protocol, and physical training consistent with the demands of the job. Successful completion of all phases of Surf Rescue Academy is required to earn SRT rank and assignment to the beach. All phases of Surf Rescue Academy must be completed in succession as determined by the coordinator of training. Candidates receiving an appointment will have several Surf Rescue Academies to choose from beginning the week before Memorial Day and as late as the 3rd full week in June.

How can the OCBP assist me in the future?

In addition to providing a memorable experience, the Beach Patrol will also serve as a valuable reference for future educational and career opportunities. Furthermore, many past employees credit the Beach Patrol experience as being the single most influential turning point in their lives and the foundation upon which their life's success is based.

Are there any other positions offered?

The OCBP does not offer part-time employment to new employees. We require our part-time employees have at least one year of successful experience with the Ocean City beach patrol. Employees on probation are not eligible for part-time work.

Although 95% of our employees are Surf Rescue Technicians, we do offer 2 additional job classifications that do not have the same physical requirements:

  • Surf Beach Facilitator- Establishes, maintains, and enforces the boundaries between swimmers and surfers. S.B.F.'s educate beach patrons as to how the surfing beach operates and rotates (6 positions)

Surfing Beach Facilitator (SBF) Registration and Information Request

  • Secretary- Supports the administration of the Beach Patrol. (1.5 positions)

    Each summer we employ individuals for the position of Surfing Beach Facilitator (S.B.F.). Since the duties of the position differ from those of the S.R.T., the qualifications and training correspond more directly with the responsibilities of the job. If you would like more information about the duties of the S.B.F., please call or write any of the individuals below, or e-mail us at ocbp@ococean.com.

Do you offer competitive experiences?

Yes! Click here to learn more.

What if I need more info?

We encourage all potential employees to ask as many questions as necessary in preparation for the test and job. If there are issues not addressed on this Web site, please feel free to contact us through any of the below:

Captain Arbin, ocbp@ococean.com, (301)932-2020

O.C.B.P. Headquarters, ocbp@ococean.com, 109 Dorchester Street, Ocean City, MD 21842, (410)289-7556, or (410)250-0125

Do you provide housing?

The Town of Ocean City has made housing available for approximately 25 Beach Patrol employees for the summer season. This housing is only available to those who have passed the pre-employment skills evaluation and have been appointment to the Training Academy or those who are current Beach Patrol employees. Information on these housing opportunities will be given to all those who pass the skills evaluation. For more help with housing touch base with veterans and other new employees at Ocean City Beach Patrol Facebook site. Since this housing is limited, we encourage potential employees to contact the Chamber of Commerce in Ocean City. The Chamber is able to give you a full listing of rental business and contacts. The Chamber of commerce can be reached at 410-213-0552 or by visiting their Web site. You can also visit their offices on Route 50 in West Ocean City. You can also contact the Visitor Information Center at 1-800-OCOCEAN. Note: Once you get involved with the Beach Patrol, it has been our experience that veteran employees are helpful in assisting you find suitable accommodations. Additionally the Beach Patrol has an e-mail distribution list and can forward housing inquires to all Current employees. Contact Captain Arbin for assistance with this method.

Tarry-a-While and Somerset Street- Beach Patrol Housing





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