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Ocean City Beach Patrol Safety Tips

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In recent years Kristin Joson, Web Editor/Public Relations Coordinator along with Captain Arbin and Sgt. Fisher worked with the editors of The Dispatch/Maryland Coast Dispatch, Ocean City Today and the Gannet News Papers to publish weekly safety tips. We want to thank them for helping us fulfill two important parts of our mission statement, prevention and education. We appreciate their part in helping to inform and educate the public about beach safety.

The summer of 2013 will be Sgt. Ed Fisher’s 22nd year working for the Beach Patrol. It will be Kristin Joson’s 9th summer and Captain Arbin’s 41st year. In the off-season, all three work in the public school system in Maryland.

The OCBP consists of over 200 men and women dedicated to ocean rescue and maintaining a safe and orderly environment on Ocean City’s beach. Many of them work in the education system. Feel free to introduce yourself the lifeguard on your beach. The Surf Rescue Technicians guard the beach seven days a week from 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Always remember to “Keep Your Feet in the Sand Until the Lifeguards in the Stand!

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Keep your feet in the sand, until the lifeguard's in the stand!