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The Officer Corps of the OCBP

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Ocean City Beach Patrol Officers

Front Row bottom: L to R
Sgt. Jeff Brabitz, Sgt. James McVey, Sgt. Jason Konyar, Sgt. Ryan Cowder,
Sgt. Brent Weingard, Sgt. Matt Postell

Middle Row bottom: L to R
Sgt. Mark Muller, Sgt. Steve Fowler, Recreation/Parks Director Thomas Shuster, Captain Butch Arbin, 2nd Lt. Ward Kovacs, Sgt. Colby Kauffman

Back Row: L to R
Sgt. Tim Ubel,  Sgt. Ben Davis, Sgt. Richard Cawthern, 1st Lt. Skip Lee,
Sgt. Jamie Falcon, 2nd Lt. Mike Stone


Captain Butch Arbin Melbourne "Butch" Arbin III

Butch Arbin has served the patrol for 40 years. He became Captain in 1997. In the winter months Butch works for Charles County Public Schools in the Instructional Division with primary responsibilities of Instructional Technology and overseeing Engineering and Technology Education. Previously he was a middle school teacher and computer network administrator. His most recent teaching assignment was an Aerospace Engineering Instructor at Lackey High School. In addition he also taught the Gateway to Technology (pre-engineering) classes at Mathew Henson Middle School, which is part of the Project Lead The Way Program. Prior to taking on the additional responsibilities as Captain, he taught graduate courses for the University of Maryland. When he is not working one of his 2 jobs, Butch is working on as a member of a work and witness team with his church that travels to under privileged countries building churches and medical facilities.
E-mail: barbin@oceancitymd.gov


Walter R. "Skip" Lee III
First Lieutenant

Skip has served the Beach Patrol for 30 summers; most in the capacity of First Lieutenant with Captain Arbin. Some of the roles he serves include the coordination of testing and assessment program, overseeing the use of and condition of the six buildings the beach patrol incorporates into daily operations, and assisting when and where needed with the many annual initiatives the Captain and Beach Patrol pursue each summer. He brings a strong work ethic and passion to the Beach Patrol, which in turns motivates the ranks and assists in continually moving the Beach Patrol forward. When not in Ocean City, Skip works full-time with the Anne Arundel County Public School System as the Coordinator of Health, Physical Education and Dance. He leads nearly 300 teachers in health and wellness initiatives. He serves in many additional roles such as the State Health and Wellness Advisory Co-Chair, the State Track and Field Committee member, the State Tournament Director, the County Wellness Policy committee and the County School Health Advisory Council. Skip has been married for more than 20 years to a beautiful lady, Kristen, he met on the beach at 89th street and is the father of three teenage boys, Brendon, Connor, and Devon – and Summer the dog.
E-mail: slee@oceancitymd.gov


Ward Kovacs
Ward has served with the patrol for 27 years. He is in charge of recruiting, the surfing beaches, our motorized rescue fleet, and our educational and public outreach programs. He has recently been hired as a year round, full time employee by the Town of Ocean City as a Beach Patrol Lieutenant.
Email: wkovacs@oceancitymd.gov


Michael Stone

Mike has been with the patrol for 28 years. His primary responsibilities include employee assignments, placement of stands on the beach, scheduling the SRT's, and accounting for employee work hours before they go to payroll. In the off-season Mike is employed with the Worcester County school system as a school counselor.
E-mail: mstone@oceancitymd.gov


Jeff Brabitz
Jeff has served with the patrol for 13 years. He is one of the sergeants for the middle north areas of ocean city covering 52nd street to the Atlantis condo. Known for being the “people’s sergeant” , Brabitz is a dedicated employee for the OCBP and is always there for the guards. In the off-season he is a Physical Education teacher in Wicomico County and is happily married to a former OCBP Crew Chief Alyson. Jeff and Aly live in The Pines where they enjoy the company of their puppy, Rudy.
E-mail: jbrabitz@oceancitymd.gov


Ryan Cowder
Ryan has been with the beach patrol for 14 years. He currently resides in Berlin, with his wife Erin. Ryan is a supervisor in the north area of Ocean City, which consists of the area between the Clarion Hotel and the Maryland/Delaware line. He is also the treasurer for the Ocean City Beach Patrol Chapter of the United States Lifesaving Association. During the off-season, Ryan teaches academic chemistry and AP chemistry to upper classmen at Stephen Decatur High School in Berlin, where he has been teaching for the past 12 years. Ryan holds a Master's Degree in Administration and Supervision from Salisbury University. Ryan was named Teacher of the Year for Stephen Decatur High School for the 2005-2006 academic school year. Ryan has recently been promoted to an Assistant Principal at the High School for 2012-2013 school year
E-mail: rcowder@oceancitymd.gov


Rick Cawthern
Sergeant, North

Rick has served with the patrol for 23 years and is currently operating as the Lead Sergeant of the North end of town. He has also guarded in Delaware and in Florida in the past. Rick is known to be well rounded watermen from surfing to paddle boarding and rowing. In the winter months Rick serves as a teacher in the public school system as well as coaching high school swimming and track.
E-mail: rcawthern@oceancitymd.gov

Sgt. Ben Davis


Ben Davis

Sgt.Ben Davis has been with the Beach Patrol for12 years.  He was recently promoted to Sergeant, and will be supervising the middle south area (from 18th st. to 52nd St.).   For the past 4 years, Ben has been the crew chief of Crew 1.  This crew works the inlet area extending to just north of the pier.  Ben is also a Maryland State Police (MSP) Rescue Swimmer, Jet Drive Instructor, Maryland Animal Rescue Program (MARP) volunteer, and an officer for the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) Chapter, which works to promote beach safety throughout the country, and organizes competitions for the SRT’s to compete in.  In the off-season, Ben is a science teacher at the new James M. Bennett High School in Salisbury, MD.   He is originally from Scranton, PA and served in the US Coast Guard as a Quartermaster for 4 years working primarily in Aids to Navigation. Ben attended Salisbury University, completing his BS in Biology.  He presently is attending University of Maryland online, working on completing his MS in Chemical and Life Science. Ben now lives in Ocean City and is currently a volunteer FF/EMT for the Ocean City FD.


Jamie Falcon
Sgt. Jamie Falcon has been with the Beach Patrol 16 years. He is an area supervisor and our coordinator of training. Jamie is the former president of the OCBP chapter of the USLA and continues to be significantly involved with our chapter of the United States Lifesaving Association. He is a Marine Animal Rescue Program (MARP) volunteer and runs the OCBP Dive Team. Jamie is also one of our MSP, Maryland State Police Rescue Swimmers. In the off-season, Jamie instructs economics at UMBC and mathematics at Worwic Community College. Currently he is working on completing his Ph.D dissertation on aquatic spinal injuries He is married with two small children. Jamie is a former U.S. Navy Rescue Swimmer. E-mail:hfalcon@oceancitymd.gov


Ed Fisher
Edward has served with the patrol for 21 years, and currently supervises 18th – 52nd streets. Ed writes a weekly beach safety article for the Dispatch newspaper. In the winter Ed is a school teacher outside Washington D.C. Other skills involve surfing and playing the ukulele.
E-mail: efisher@oceancitymd.gov

Sgt. Colby Kauffman Colby Kauffman

Colby has been with the Beach Patrol for 19 years. She received her promotion to sergeant in 1999. She currently oversees the equipment and uniform office. Colby is also a strong addition to our officer corps in starting up the women's competition team. She is an area supervisor in the south end of Ocean City. Colby has two beautiful girls, Remy age 11 and Sadie who is almost 6.
E-mail: ckauffman@oceancitymd.gov
Sgt. Mark Muller Mark Muller

Sgt. Mark W. Muller has been with the Beach Patrol for 14 years. He is and area supervisor in charge of the northern area. Mark is a Maryland State Police (MSP) Rescue Swimmer, Marine Mammal Rescue Program (MARP) volunteer, and a member of the OCBP Softball and Floor Hockey team. In his free time he likes to play golf, fish, and surf. Mark is a professor and engineering coordinator in the physics department at Salisbury University. He is also the faculty adviser for the SU Golf Club. He attended James Madison University where he majored in physics and played lacrosse. He earned a Masters of Engineering from the University of Virginia and completed his Ph.D. at the University of Hawaii with a dissertation in underwater acoustics.
E-mail mmuller@oceancitymd.gov


Matt Postell

Sergeant Matt Postell has been with the Beach Patrol for 15 years. His first year on the patrol was in 1997. He was promoted to crew chief in 2000. At that time he was in charge of crew 7 that is located on 34th street - 43rd street. He was promoted to sergeant in 2008 and is currently the area supervisor for the Middle South. He is a triathlon team member, on the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) Board of Directors, OCBP Triathlon Director, and a Marine Animal Rescue Program (MARP) volunteer. For recreation, Matt likes to compete in triathlons and surf. In the off-season he is a high school math teacher and a soccer and basketball coach.
E-mail mpostell@oceancitymd.gov

Sgt. Tim Uebel


Tim Uebel
Tim exemplifies the heart of the Beach Patrol. His dedication, caring, and perseverance since he appeared at his first test has been an inspiration to many. Tim has been with the patrol for 26 years. 
Email: tuebel@oceancitymd.gov


Sgt. Brent Weingard

Brent Weingard

This is Brent's 23rd year working for the OCBP. He is a supervisor of the Ocean City's "Historical" south end of town. Brent's area includes the most southern point of Ocean City, the Inlet and extends north along the boardwalk to 18th street. He works with crews 1 (Inlet), Crew 2 (North Division), Crew 3 (Surf Ave.), and Crew 4 (14th street).

Brent is a member of the elite Maryland State Police-Ocean City Beach Patrol Helicopter Rescue/Recovery Unit which works with MSP Helicopter 4. In addition to this, he is part of the OCBP Marine Mammal Rescue/Recovery Team and has been on several missions working with Whales, Dolphins, and Sea Turtles. He is an instructor for Paddleboards, Land Lines, PWC's, and Quads.

In the off-season Brent Resides in Frederick, Maryland. He works for Montgomery County Public Schools in Olney, Germantown, and Potomac, Maryland where he is a Physical Educator for several Elementary schools. Brent is a father of three future SRT's that reside with him in New Market, Maryland.
E-mail: bweingard@oceancitymd.gov


Steve Fowler

Steve has been working for the Beach Patrol for 10 years. He is one of the downtown area supervisors. Steve grew up locally and graduated from Stephen Decatur High School. When he is not working, you can usually find Steve training for a competition or at Cross Fit Ocean City. Currently he is pursuing a career in the US Navy.
E-mail: sfowler@oceancitymd.gov

Sgt. Jason Konyer


Jason Konyar

Sgt. Jason Konyar has been with the Beach Patrol for 13 years. His area of supervision is what we call the Middle-North, which is approximately 52nd street to the Clarion Hotel. In addition to his area of supervision, Sgt. Konyar is responsible for all American Red Cross-First Aid instruction for the Patrol. In the off season , Sgt. Konyar is an educational instructor of the Business Management and Finance S.T.E.M Academy at Worcester Technical High School. He also advises the school’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) chapter. He is married to Heather Konyar who is the senior associate attorney at Cockey, Brennan & Maloney, P.C. Jason and Heather have two small children, Ava and Jay. If he is not spending time with his family or working, Sgt. Konyar likes to kayak, hunt and fish.
E-mail: jkonyar@oceancitymd.gov

Sgt. James McVey


James McVey

The lifeguard’s of the Ocean City Beach Patrol are glad to answer any of your beach and water safety questions. Sgt. James McVey has been with the Beach Patrol for 10 years. His area of supervision is the south end of Ocean City. In addition to his area of supervision, Sgt. McVey is responsible for running the Ocean City Beach Patrol Surf Rescue Association (OCBPSRA) events. He also participates in the Beach Patrol triathlon Club and Beach Patrol Floor Hockey team. In the off-season, McVey is a U.S. History teacher in Howard County. He is married and is currently finishing his Master’s degree.
E-mail: jmcvey@oceancitymd.gov





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