Ocean City Beach Patrol


Once a candidate passes the vigorous, physical test , training for the job is provided by the Ocean City Beach Patrol during Surf Rescue Academy. Candidates can be assured that all necessary skills, techniques, procedures and protocols will be taught to them as part of the Surf Rescue Academy. This is a 9 day paid (training pay 12.13) training program conducted by Beach Patrol instructors with support from other public safety agencies followed by 3 weeks of supervised on the job probation.

All aspects of becoming an S.R.T. are taught during this Surf Rescue Academy. While in the Academy, the rookies receive instruction in surf rescues with distressed, actively drowning and passive victims; recognition, extraction and stabilzation of victims with spinal injuries; long shore current rescues involving piers and rock jetties; search and recovery of submerged victims; an indepth medical unit specific to beach emergencies involving patient primary and secondary assessment; public speaking and education of the public; oceanography and marine life; use of ocean rescue equipment, Red Cross First Aid, C.P.R. and AED; Semaphore Communications (a series of signals using flags); radio protocol; beach patrol policies and procedures; and physical training to promote the fitness requirements of the job.

Successful completion of all phases of Surf Rescue Academy is required to earn SRT rank and assignment to the beach. When you see someone sitting on the stand guarding your beach, you can feel confident that they have gone through one of the most rigorous testing and training programs in the nation. As another part of our training, each year the veteran guards of the OCBP must re-qualify by passing two physical tests, a 500 meter swim in under ten minutes and a 300 meter soft sand sprint in under 65 seconds. The test is the patrol’s way of ensuring that every guard is ready to perform the physically demanding tasks of the job.

After the actual testing is done, the veteran guards spend the rest of their re-certification day re-certifying in their first responder skills, which include a First Aid and CPR certification. Lt. Wes Smith, the Patrol’s Director of Training and a professor at Miami University, designed the training program for the rookie academy and the re-certification training of veteran guards.






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Official Sun Care Sponsor of the OCBP


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