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A skater who is not able to drop in on a transition or is not able to pump or do a turn on a transition wall more than 5 times.

Skating Areas for Beginners:

Mini Ramp: The mini ramp is layered in steel and is 24 feet wide with an 8 foot transition cut down to 6 feet.

Small Bowl: The small bowl or "Bird Bath" has 7 foot transitions and is 4 feet deep. It has four rounded corners and angled lips, with the exception of the west wall which is higher and rounded and connects to the deep end of the Pool. The north wall connects into the street area.

Banked Walls: The concrete banked walls are 5 feet high with a mellow, noncurved transition. They are ideal for more technical streetskating style tricks.

Pyramid: Standing 5 feet high, 4 feet wide on the west side and 8 feet on the east, this concrete pyramid has it all. The south face has a rounded corner and an angled lip connecting to the banked walls, while the west and north faces have rounded lips that connect to the "Back Bowl".

Back Bowl: This section of the park is a skate park in itself. The entire area has 8 foot transitions and stands 5 feet high, with the exception of a 6 foot section on the north wall that extends to 8 feet high with escalators on both sides. This entire area, including the extension escalators and corners, has inlaid steel coping.


Beginners should learn how to pump on a transition before dropping in on any of the walls in the park. The best place to learn how to pump on a transition is the vert ramp and the mini bowl. Begin at the flat base of the structure and slowly work up the walls.

The best place for beginners to learn how to drop in and to learn basic tricks is in the mini bowl, known as the "Bird Bath."

For safety reasons, if a skater cannot drop in on the escalator wall, then he/she may not ride the pool, nor be permitted to drop in on the vert ramp.

If a skater can pump and turn on a minimum of 5 walls, he/she shall be classified as an Intermediate skater.

Only one person at a time may skate the ramps and or bowl. Never should anyone drop in on another person while they are skating.

A beginner skater is ready to move up to the next level when they can perform basic tricks and can drop in on the mini ramp.