Beautification Committee


by: Julie Golightly, CPH


  • There is still time to renovate, reseed, fertilize and treat your lawn for weeds

  • Herbicides are effective now, but do not apply to newly reseeded areas

  • Shred fallen leaves with a mower and leave to decompose naturally

Woody Ornamentals

  • Early fall is generally a good time to transplant trees and shrubs, with the exception of broadleaf evergreens

  • Dormant oil can be applied if problems exist with scale insects
  • Wait to fertilize woody shrubs and trees until late October or early November

  • Prune tree and shrub branches only if dead or damaged

Ornamental Plants

  • Plant hardy mums, pansies, and ornamental cabbage and kale so they will become well established prior to cool weather.

  • Divide and transplant perennials
  • Now is the time to plant daffodil bulbs…tulips should be planted from mid-October through November

  • Early October is a good time to apply Glyphosate to hard to kill plants (phragmites, bamboo, multiflora rose) because this is when they are transporting food to the roots for winter dormancy


  • Consider laying netting or a wire screen over your pond during the fall months to keep leaves out

Vegetable & Herb Gardening

  • Sow cover crops of oats, winter rye, winter wheat, vetch, and crimson clover now through mid-October

Soil & Mulch

  • Bare soil is prone to erosion…cover with mulch, groundcover, or turf

  • Apply mulch at 2-3” deep. Keep away from shrub and tree trunks!



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Ocean City Beautification Committee recently added a lovely new pergola at City Hall.

City Hall Pergola



Beauty Spot Award nominees sought

The Ocean City Beautification Committee is seeking nominations in eight categories in which someone can win a 2014 Beauty Spot Award, including residential, condominium, retail, hotel, motel, commercial, restaurant and Boardwalk. Only nominated properties will be judged.  Help is needed by the Beautification Committee in finding those special properties that are evidence of civic pride and community beauty.

Arbor Day Celebration at Northside Park

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Beatification Committee offering special rate for “Reflections of Life” display

The Ocean City Beautification Committee is once again presenting a special offer to the public for the committee’s Reflections of Life project. The project provides a distinctive means of recording important events and interests in the lives of individuals, their loved ones and businesses. Your gift of a bronze, silver or gold leaf will be mounted on the impressive “Reflections of Life” tree sculpture inside the lobby entrance of the Roland E. Powell Convention Center. The leaves may be commemorated with any of the following suggestions: In Memory, In Tribute, In Celebration of an Anniversary or In Honor of a Graduation.

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TreeMendous Benches

Would you like to remember or honor a loved one or friend with a bench in Ocean City?  The Ocean City Beautification Committee has a number of TreMendous benches in the smaller parks around town ready for adoption. 

Download TreeMendous Bench Application

The following are locations where you can find these benches.

  • Robin Park
  • Little Salisbury Park
  • Jamestown Road Park
  • Fiesta Park
  • Convention Center

Should you have any questions, you may call the chairman of the committee, Donna Greenwood at 410-289-7060.

Memory Benches

Park Bench in Gorman Park was recently dedicated to Kevin Hall.  He was the mail carrier in this area.  There are a few benches available.  If you are interested in dedicating a bench, contact us.


Ocean City Beautification Committee Gives Luncheon to Park Workers

Good time was had by all at the luncheon given by OCBC for the park employees that worked on the beautiful lights this Christmas season.  The luncheon was held at Northside Park on January 24th which was a very cold day.  We had hot soup made by Steve Genua, homemade cookies baked by Joyce Melocik.  We also had an assortment of sandwiches and salads purchased from Montego Bay Supermarket.

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Josie's flower garden Fall 2013


Josie Argentino has won a few Beautification Awards in the past. We only give these awards once a year and we judge them in July. There are lots of properties that look beautiful year round. This is just one of them. We invite you to take a walk and appreciate the work that is done by our citizens.