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Express Shuttle Service Offered for White Marlin Open

The Town of Ocean City will be once again offering an “express shuttle service” to and from the Convention Center parking lot to the 40th Annual White Marlin Open.  The shuttle, which will run from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. from Monday, August 5 through Friday, August 9, will pick-up and drop off passengers in the south Convention Center parking lot to or from Jacqueline Avenue at 14th Street.

The frequency of service will be approximately every 20 minutes.  Fare is $1 per-boarding or $3 Ride-All-Day. $3 Ride-All-Day passes are also valid for same day service on Coastal Hwy. and Park N Ride Buses.

For more information about the express shuttle service, please contact Ocean City’s Transportation Division at 410.723.1606 or visit:




Hardwire, LLC Donates Ballistic Reeves Stretcher to Ocean City Fire Department

On Wednesday, June 19, the Ocean City Fire Department was the proud recipient of a ballistic Reeves stretcher, thanks to Hardwire, LLC.  Representatives from Hardwire, a local armor and survivability company located in Pocomoke City, presented the donation at the Maryland State Firemen’s Association’s Annual Conference.

The stretcher, which has the same functionality and flexibility as the current stretcher used on all EMS units but also provides ballistic protection for the first responders, was developed by Hardwire, using the collaborated input of the Ocean City Fire Department and Maryland State Police First Sgt. Keith Runk.

“The Ocean City Fire Department appreciates the donation of this innovative product,” said Deputy Fire Chief, Chuck Barton.  “This equipment is not only very useful, but provides protection to our staff as well.”

Hardwire, who has become the largest producer of Dyneema armor in the world, manufactures a number of composite-based armor products, including bulletproof shields, clipboards, whiteboards, and backpack inserts which are being used to protect police forces, SWAT teams, and most recently, schools across the country.  “As a Worcester County company, we are thankful for the hard work of our brave firemen and women in the Ocean City Fire Department,” said George Tunis, Hardwire CEO.  “We build armor that protects soldiers, policemen, students, and teachers, and believe our first responders deserve the best equipment.  The bulletproof stretcher donation is meant to protect those that protect us.”




Town of Ocean City Continues Rain Barrel Program

Once again, the Town of Ocean City is offering a limited number of rain barrels to the citizens of the Town to be used on property within Ocean City corporate limits.  A rain barrel is a water tank positioned at a downspout to collect water and used to water plants or attach to a soaking hose to water a garden. 

“Rain barrel water is not meant for drinking but is great for the environment,” said Gail Blazer, Environmental Engineer for the Town of Ocean City.  “Not only do they provide free irrigation for your garden, but they reduce harmful runoff into our local bays and waterways.  Combining the use of rain barrels with appropriate plant selection and mulching promotes water conservation. Rain barrels benefit your home, garden and community.”

There is a small fee to purchase the barrel, which is subsidized by the Critical Area Mitigation Fund.  If you are interested in obtaining a rain barrel or would like more information, contact the Gail Blazer in the Engineering Department at (410) 289-8825 or The dead line to place an order will be July 31, 2013





Ocean City Quarterly LEPC meeting announced

The quarterly meeting of the Ocean City Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) will be held at 1 p.m. on Thursday, July 25, 2013, in the second floor training room of the Public Safety Building.

John E. Henderson, Lt Col, Civil Air Patrol will give an overview on the capabilities and operations of the Civil Air Patrol both during day to day operations, emergency operations and recovery operations after a disaster.  This presentation will not only be beneficial to residents and visitors of Ocean City, but also to the surrounding communities before, during and after disasters.

“It’s important to stay informed and stay prepared,” said Joseph Theobald, Ocean City Emergency Services Director.  “We hope our employees, residents and visitors will take advantage of the opportunity to learn something new that might aide them during a disaster.”

For more information, contact Ocean City Emergency Management at 410-723-6650.  


Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan Completes Washington D.C., Media Tour to Promote Summer Travel

Washington, D.C., media tour valued at more than $15,000 in advertising dollar equivalency    

Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan completed a media tour of Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, June 26, The Mayor made four appearances on Washington television and radio stations to promote the Fourth of July, summer events, and the town’s Lucky Summer of `13 promotion.

Mayor Meehan visited four of Washington’s top media outlets, including: WTTG-TV FOX, WTOP-FM, WMAL-AM and WRC-TV NBC, generating more than $15,000 in advertising dollar equivalency.

“Our D.C. media tour was very successful and allowed us to promote all of the wonderful and positive events taking place in Ocean City,” said Mayor Meehan. “The Washington metropolitan area is an important market for us, and we host thousands of visitors from the area throughout the year. It’s always great stopping by the stations and seeing just how much Washingtonians really love Ocean City. It was a fun and successful tour.”

In addition to encouraging guests to take advantage of Ocean City’s many events, Mayor Meehan promoted the town as an affordable and accessible vacation destination and encouraged visitors to connect with the town via Facebook, Twitter and Smartphone applications.

Media tours will continue throughout 2013. All media tours are organized by the town’s agency, MGH, and coordinated by Donna Abbott, Tourism Director for the Town of Ocean City.

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