Daily Archives: July 25, 2013

Hardwire, LLC Donates Ballistic Reeves Stretcher to Ocean City Fire Department

On Wednesday, June 19, the Ocean City Fire Department was the proud recipient of a ballistic Reeves stretcher, thanks to Hardwire, LLC.  Representatives from Hardwire, a local armor and survivability company located in Pocomoke City, presented the donation at the Maryland State Firemen’s Association’s Annual Conference.

The stretcher, which has the same functionality and flexibility as the current stretcher used on all EMS units but also provides ballistic protection for the first responders, was developed by Hardwire, using the collaborated input of the Ocean City Fire Department and Maryland State Police First Sgt. Keith Runk.

“The Ocean City Fire Department appreciates the donation of this innovative product,” said Deputy Fire Chief, Chuck Barton.  “This equipment is not only very useful, but provides protection to our staff as well.”

Hardwire, who has become the largest producer of Dyneema armor in the world, manufactures a number of composite-based armor products, including bulletproof shields, clipboards, whiteboards, and backpack inserts which are being used to protect police forces, SWAT teams, and most recently, schools across the country.  “As a Worcester County company, we are thankful for the hard work of our brave firemen and women in the Ocean City Fire Department,” said George Tunis, Hardwire CEO.  “We build armor that protects soldiers, policemen, students, and teachers, and believe our first responders deserve the best equipment.  The bulletproof stretcher donation is meant to protect those that protect us.”