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Ocean City Fire Department Graduates Seven New Firefighters at Inaugural Academy Graduation


On Thursday, November 14, 2013, the Ocean City Fire Department proudly graduated seven new firefighters from the department’s inaugural full-time academy.   The graduation ceremony, which is a first for the department, was held at the Ocean City Convention Center with Ocean City Mayor Meehan administering the Oath of Office.

The academy training was a combination of fire, rescue and medical courses in addition to specialized training needed for departmental operations. The subject matter included rescue techniques, pump apparatus drills and aerial apparatus exercises, among other things.  After six weeks of intense training, six of the graduates were formally recognized as full-time firefighter/paramedics and one as a firefighter/EMT

“This is not just a job, this is a calling” said Ocean City Fire Chief Chris Larmore.  “The business of firefighting is filled with numerous risks and tasks, and you have proven over the last several weeks that you are committed to those challenges.”

Graduating from the inaugural academy are Firefighter/Paramedic Jeff Aperance, Firefighter/Paramedic Christopher Gee, Firefighter/Paramedic Nicholas Kinhart, Firefighter/EMT Eric Olson, Firefighter/Paramedic Yvette Rode, Firefighter/Paramedic Jason Williams and Firefighter/Paramedic Ryan Womer.  Each of the graduates had been employed as a part-time member of the department before being hired full-time.
“I could not be more proud of what you have accomplished this far and what I know you will accomplish in the future,” continued Larmore. “You will keep my family and everyone in this city safe, and we are all very thankful for your hard work.”