Daily Archives: January 16, 2014

William Manuel Retires After Nearly 34 Years with Town of Ocean City

(January 14, 2014) – William Henry Manuel has retired after nearly 34 years with the Town of Ocean City.  Manuel, who joined the Town’s Public Works Department in 1980, has spent his career working as a solid waste worker.

Manuel’s formal responsibilities included operating solid waste equipment, working closely with colleagues in the collection of waste and refuse and properly disposing of recycling and waste products. He also worked closely with supervisors to report violations and communicated with customers on his route.

“I am very fortunate for the career I have had with the Town of Ocean City,” Manuel said.  “It has truly been a pleasure serving the residents and visitors of Ocean City. I will miss many of the relationships I built during my time here, especially those of my colleagues at the Town of Ocean City and within the Public Works Department.”

Manuel, a graduate of Snow Hill High School, plans to enjoy his family during his retirement. “I am going to enjoy my retirement with my family and friends. I am looking forward to pushing the “snooze” button on the alarm clock now that I don’t have to be at work so early.”