Daily Archives: January 30, 2014

Miriam Green Retires from Office of the Fire Marshal After 23 Years

mgreen2Miriam Green has retired after nearly 23 years with the Town of Ocean City. Green, who began working for the Fire Department in 1991, spent her career as the Administrative Coordinator for the Office of the Fire Marshal.

Green’s formal responsibilities included performing complex secretarial tasks, entry and maintenance of records systems and a multiple clerical duties.  She was essential in supporting the Fire Marshal Office’s mission of education, enforcement, investigation and security. While she excelled at organizational skills, she was celebrated for her communication skills and was known to bring a smile to people’s faces throughout the town.

“Miriam has been an integral part of the Fire Marshal’s office and her contributions will always be valued and remembered,” said Fire Marshal David Hartley. “Her hard work, dedication, and commitment are worthy of admiration.  She will be greatly missed by many Town of Ocean City employees, especially here at City Hall.”

Prior to coming to the Town of Ocean City, Green worked at the Sheraton Hotel where she served as secretary.  During retirement, Green will spend time with her two daughters and grandchildren traveling and making memories. “I am very thankful for the time I had with the Town of Ocean City,” Green stated. “I leave my career here with fond memories and many friends.”