Daily Archives: March 5, 2014

Open House for FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps

(March 4, 2014) – Many citizens have heard about the newly-proposed Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM), which have been drafted by FEMA and affect much of Ocean City from the previous flood hazard zones. Residents and property owners may have questions about whether their property is still in a flood zone or proposed to be removed; when the proposed flood zone maps will be approved and what the process is to make the proposed maps effective.

In order to answer these questions and concerns by citizens, a proposed FIRM Open House is being held at Ocean City’s Roland E. Powell Convention Center, 4001 Coastal Highway, on March 12, 2014, from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m.  There will be two presentations given, one at 6 p.m. and another at 7 p.m., with an opportunity after the presentation for citizens to speak with representatives from the Maryland Department of the Environment, FEMA, and the Ocean City Department of Planning and Community Development.

“This is an opportunity for us to work with our state and federal partners to help clear up any questions or concerns that our community may have regarding how the new maps may affect their property,” said Matt Margotta, Director of the Town of Ocean City’s Department of Planning and Community Development.  “We want our residents and property owners to fully understand how this change will affect them. We will have the proposed maps displayed during the Open House and citizens will have the opportunity to speak with a government representative to answer their questions and hopefully ease their concerns.”

Additional FIRM information is available online at the Maryland digital flood insurance rate maps outreach website at www.mdfloodmaps.com.  It’s recommended that citizens purchase a flood insurance policy, even if they’re not required to do so.  More information can be found on the National Flood Insurance Program’s website at: www.FloodSmart.gov  For additional information regarding the open house, please contact the Ocean City Planning & Community Development Department at 410-289-8798 or 410-289-8942.