Daily Archives: May 21, 2014

Ocean City Beach Patrol conducts Surf Rescue Academy “Rookie” Training

The Ocean City Beach Patrol starts guarding the 10 miles of Ocean City beaches on Saturday, May 24. Before taking the stands, the rookie personnel will have to complete training during the Ocean City Beach Patrol’s Surf Rescue Academy.

The first training academy begins Sunday, May 18, with the enrollment of 16 new employees. The proceeding academy will begin, Sunday, June 16, however; the Beach Patrol will be conducting the pre-employment physical skill evaluation for this academy on Saturday, June 7.

The Ocean City Beach Patrol is specifically looking for individuals who are available to work through the end of the department’s summer season, which is scheduled to end on Sunday, September 21. Although applicants are not required to have any experience or previous certifications, all rookie Surf Rescue Technicians must successfully complete the Pre-employment physical skill evaluation.

The pre-employment evaluation is a 12 phase process, which lasts approximately six hours, and is concluded with an interview. If offered a position as a Surf Rescue Technician, the employee will complete a 65 hour Surf Rescue Academy, which consists of physical skills training and classroom instruction. Upon completion of the Surf Rescue Academy, and a mandatory drug test, the Surf Rescue Technician (lifeguard) will have all the required training and certification necessary to take a stand on one of Ocean City’s beaches.

For more information, or to register for an opportunity to be a Surf Rescue Technician, visit the Beach Patrol website. www.ococean.com/ocbp.