John Holloway & Larry Sackadorf Retire After Nearly 27 Years with Ocean City Fire Department

(January 14, 2014) – John Holloway and Larry Sackadorf have retired after nearly 27 years with the Ocean City Fire Department.  Both men, who joined the Town’s career division full-time in 1987, have spent their careers working as firefighter/paramedics. In addition to Sackadorf’s work as a career employee, he also served as a line officer in the volunteer division where held the positions of lieutenant and captain.

While Sackadorf’s formal responsibilities included providing emergency first response to the residents and visitors of Ocean City, he also served as a field training officer and was a liaison between the Town of Ocean City and the National Aquarium, as a member of the Marine Animal Rescue Program.  During his career, he developed the SAMBOX project at Northside Park and established and organized the 911 Boardwalk Parade in Ocean City.  He served in the positions of secretary and treasurer in his years as a volunteer and acted as executive board member of the local International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF).

Throughout his career, Sackadorf obtained numerous certifications in the fields of fire suppression and EMS.  He is a nationally recognized paramedic and is certified in advanced cardiac life support, advanced pre-hospital trauma life support, pediatric advanced life support and FADO pump operations.  He was a rescue technician, hazardous materials technician and aerial operations specialized.  Sackadorf also obtained his master diver scuba certification and served as captain of the Ocean City Recovery Underwater Search Team.

“I want to thank all of my co-workers and city officials for the continued support that I have received over the past nearly 30 years of my involvement with the fire department,” said Sackadorf.  “I hope to see the Town continue to grow and to remain a great place to vacation and a wonderful place to live.”

Holloway’s formal responsibilities also included providing emergency first response to the residents and visitors of Ocean City. In 2000, Holloway was in the first group of Fire/EMS career division employees to be promoted to Lieutenant. During his time with the OCFD, Holloway served on the Worcester County Health Department Crisis Response Team Advisory Board.  One of his many career highlights includes being appointed by Governor Robert Ehrlich to Maryland Fire Rescue Training and Education Commission, which he was reappointed to by Governor Martin O’Malley.

“It has been an honor to serve with some of the most professional, dedicated and skilled paramedic/firefighters in the service,” Holloway said.  “Many of my proudest accomplishments have come as a member of the Fire/EMS career division. I would like to give a special thanks to everyone who made my career so fulfilling and rewarding. Especially those at the beginning of my career, who taught me, mentored and guided me and gave me this opportunity to serve.”

Holloway and Sackadorf will both continue to serve the community, as Holloway has accepted a position as a supervisor for the Snow Hill Fire Department and Sackadorf has accepted a position with the Berlin Fire Department.