Ocean City Dew Tour Wins Maryland ‘Economic Engine’ Tourism Award

It looks as though Maryland skateboard pro Bucky Lasek and his Dew Tour Beach Championship competitors aren’t the only ones walking away from Ocean City with a big win.  The Maryland Office of Tourism Development (OTD) recently announced their annual awards at the Maryland Tourism & Travel Summit, naming the Ocean City Dew Tour as an Economic Engine winner.

The 2013 Ocean City Dew Tour was held June 20-23, marking the third year in a row the international action sports competition showcased the beauty and appeal of Ocean City and the State of Maryland to the world.  It is estimated the Dew Tour has brought in approximately $11.5 million in economic impact to Ocean City and the State, drawing an estimated 103,000 attendees this year alone.

“I am thrilled that the Maryland Office of Tourism Development has awarded the Ocean City Dew Tour as an Economic Engine winner,” said Donna Abbott, Ocean City Tourism Director.  “The Ocean City Department of Tourism works closely with Alli Sports to promote the event. Not only does Ocean City’s event have the highest attendance in the Dew Tour’s history, but the event is also nationally broadcast, which adds to the exposure. Last year alone, Ocean City and the State of Maryland were showcased to nearly 4 million national broadcast viewers and distributed to 99 million homes internationally.”

The OTD judged nominees on job creation, positive economic impact to the region and state, exemplary contributions to Maryland’s tourism industry and other unique qualities.  “We are proud to be a part of Dew Tour history and thankful to Alli Sports for bringing the event to Ocean City as well as to the Maryland Office of Tourism Development for recognizing these efforts in making the event a success,” Abbott stated.  “We  look forward to hosting the event in 2014 and once again showcasing the spectacular backdrop of Ocean City’s beach and Boardwalk to the nation and the incredibly talented athletes who compete here.”