OCFD Conducts Water Rescue Training

The Ocean City Fire Department (OCFD) descended upon the Ocean City Fishing Center on Wednesday, June 4, for an organized training exercise.  The routine exercise, which takes multiple times throughout the year, was conducted with the department’s rescue swimmers, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and fire department personnel.


“We train several times a year to assure our divers and first responders are well skilled and well prepared for a variety of circumstances,” said Ocean City Fire Department Captain Guy Rickards.  “It is critical that we continue to rehearse different scenarios so that our response is executed flawlessly when our residents and visitors need us.”


During this week’s training exercise, the OCFD dive team used a rescue manikin to simulate a submerged swimmer.  The team performed various drills throughout the morning and is expected to hold their next training in August.  “Practice makes perfect,” Rickards continued. “We hope that we never get calls for which we need to put our training to use, but if and when we do, we will be ready.”