Beach Conditions for Wednesday 16th of September 2020 1:22 PM
Current Conditions: Sunny, 73 °F. Winds SE at 5 MPH. 59% humidity. 10.00mi visibility.
Buoy Report: 3.63 feet at 10 seconds from the E. Water temperature is 32 °F
Rip current risk:
Lifeguards: When you arrive at the beach, Please walk to and swim in front of the nearest lifeguard.
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Today's Expected Weather: Mostly sunny, with a high near 74. South wind around 10 mph.
Today's Marine forecast: SSE wind around 8 kt. Mostly sunny. Seas around 1 ft.
Tides: 01:05 low
07:03 high
13:14 low
19:31 high
23rd St
91st St