Spring is the time when everyone begins to think about summer gardens. Garden centers fill with beautifully colored plants of every size and shape. If your fingers are itching to dig in the dirt and put a lovely array of greens and flowers on your property, a Beauty Spot Award is something you can strive to receive.

Each year the Ocean City Beautification Committee searches for properties which are attractive, well maintained and pleasing to the eye. To show appreciation for this effort in civic pride, the Beautification Committee and the Mayor and City Council present Beauty Spot Awards in eight categories.

Judging is based on creative landscaping or containers, percentage of flowers and ground cover, percentage of trees, shrubs and grasses. The use of native plants also is encouraged. Even those who have little or no ground can imaginatively use containers, planters, window boxes, hanging baskets, etc., to improve the street-eye appeal of their property. Efforts to disguise unattractive areas such as dumpsters, service entrances, etc., would also be recognized as an endeavor to beautify the Town of Ocean City.

There are eight categories for judging, with three awards for each except for residential, which has six. Categories are condominium, restaurant, retail, hotel, motel, commercial, Boardwalk and residential. Nominations may be made by anyone – the property owner, a friend, neighbor, patron or passerby.

To nominate a property, please (if possible) give property owner’s name, street address, phone number and your name with a phone number. Call Donna Greenwood, chairperson of the Beautification Committee, at 410-289-7060 or mail to the Beautification Committee at Ocean City Recreation and Parks Department, 200 125th Street, Ocean City, MD 21842 or email us at [email protected]

Congratulations to our 2020 Beauty Spot winners!


Ristoranti Antipasti

The Hobbit

Franco’s Pizza and Bar


Commander Hotel

Holiday Inn and Suites, 17th Street

Comfort Inn Boardwalk


Braemar Towers

The Vogels and Clarks

Fisherman’s Village


The Kite Loft


Mrs. Janet Hough

Melvin and Mary Taylor

Mrs. Kay Ayres

Mr. Will Esham

Mr. Mark Jahnke

Ms. Stacey Steinberg


Susan and Warren Nock

Carolyn and Ron Shorts

Special Awards

122nd Street Dune Crossing

First Presbyterian Church