Several legislative commissions, committees and boards are set forth in either the Town Charter and/or the Town Code of Ordinances. Historically, the Mayor and Council have recognized these entities and serve as members.

Meeting draft agendas, including date, time and location, which are subject to change, are included in the first Monday regular session agenda packet each month. Minutes of each meeting are included in the second Monday regular session agenda packet of each month.

Several Commissions and Committees meet on a regular basis:

Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory (BPAC)

Agenda: Available on the BPAC Website

Mission Statement: The Committee will advise and provide recommendations to Town officials and Town staff on all matters relating to the use of a bicycle as a means of transportation and recreation in Town. BPAC was developed to discuss enhanced safety, traffic reduction, and grant opportunities to encourage health and recreation, improve tourism, and potentially increase property values. The Committee will not have authority to direct Town officials or Town staff to take actions.

When they meet: Second Wednesday of each month.

Location: City Hall

Fire Prevention Commission


When they meet: as needed

Location: Board of Directors Conference Room at Ocean City Fire Headquarters, 1409 Philadelphia Ave., Ocean City, MD

Pension Commission


Mission Statement: Committee members vote on General Employees’ and Public Safety Employees’ pension matters and participate in discussion relating to pension issues.

When they meet: Quarterly

Location: City Hall

Recreation and Parks Committee


Mission Statement: The Committee is established to create a forum for the Mayor and Council and the Recreation and Parks Department to explore and discuss issues of concern to the municipal government and the public in the areas of recreation, special events, golf, the beach, parks and conservation. The Director of Recreation and Parks serves as the staff liaison to the Committee.

When they meet: Second Tuesday each month.

Location: Northside Park

Transportation Committee


Mission Statement: The Transportation Committee was established to discuss, and provide general guidance, for multiple modes of mobility in and around Ocean City such as mass transit, parking, bicycles, pedestrians, and aviation.

When they meet: Second Tuesday each month.

Location: Public Works Administration Conference Room

Sports Complex Task Force


Location: Roland E. Powell Convention Center, Room 215

Coastal Resources Legislative Committee

“Green Team”


Mission Statement: The Coastal Resources Legislative Committee was established in 2001 as a forum to help keep the Mayor and City Council informed of issues and concerns that would impact the environmental and natural resources of the Town.

When they meet: Second Wednesday every other month.

Location: City Hall

Police Commission


Mission Statement: The Police Commission was established by City Charter and comprises of the Mayor and three Council Members. The Commission provides a forum to explore and discuss public safety issues of concern to the municipal government and the public. The Police Commission makes recommendations to the City Council and further advises the administration of the Police Department in the areas of staffing, special events, departmental policies, procedures and other matters as may be required.

The Police Commission also serves concurrently as the Traffic Commission to regulate pedestrian and vehicle traffic as well as parking. Additionally, the Police Commission deals with matters related to the licensing and operation of taxicabs in the Town of Ocean City.

When they meet: Second Monday each month.

Location: Public Safety Building

Tourism Commission

Agenda:  June 3, 2024 @1PM

Mission Statement: The Tourism Commission is established to create a forum for the Mayor and Council and the business community to facilitate the growth of tourism. The Commission makes recommendations to the Mayor and Council. The Director of Tourism and Marketing serves as the staff liaison to the Commission.

When they meet: Second Monday each month.

Location: Convention Center, Room 214

Motor Event Task Force Committee


Mission Statement: The Motor Event Task Force was created to collectively discuss challenges of sanctioned and unsanctioned motor events that occur within the Town of Ocean City and to develop strategies and solutions to address these challenges. 

When they meet: As needed.

Location: City Hall Council Chambers