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Revenue from sidewalk condemnations is budgeted at $7,500, as much of this effort is being accounted for in the Street paving project. One-half of this cost is billable to the owners of the condemned sidewalks. The Vehicle Franchise fee was re-bid in FY 19 and increased from $32,100 to $38,000 per year. Expenses of Public Works Administration are allocated to the divisions of Public Works as General Overhead Expense. The allocation charged to Water, Wastewater, Transportation and Airport is shown here as a $378,814 reimbursement to the General Fund.


Since FY 09, eleven full-time positions have been eliminated from this division. A full-time Facilities Manager position was funded in FY 14, and a full-time carpenter was added to this Division in FY 14 through the elimination of a position in the Transfer Station division. In FY 17, a Heavy Equipment Operator position was eliminated and replaced with a Safety/COOP Coordinator. One Supervisor position was eliminated and two additional Heavy Equipment Operators were funded in FY 19. Currently, there are six employees in the Administrative division and twenty-three employees in the Construction division. A step increase effective January 1, 2022 has been included. Deductions for Public Works labor charged to Water and Wastewater capital projects and to Street Paving totaling $95,000 have been made. This labor deduction is $5,000 more than the deduction made in the FY 21 budget. A part-time electrician for Sunfest, Springfest and Winterfest has been funded at $5,600. Projected overtime increases $4,000 for this division. Allocations for retiree health and retirement increase for this division, while the allocations for Health insurance and worker’s compensation decrease.


Sidewalk replacement and condemnation has been reduced to $15,000. Costs for concrete disposal are included at $17,500. Property taxes on the post office property have been included at $14,375. Building Maintenance covers maintenance for city-owned buildings such as City Hall, the Art League, the Post Office and the Public Works office buildings. Routine building maintenance and the HVAC contracts for these locations have been budgeted at $70,699. HVAC repairs recommended by the Public Works Facilities Manager have been budgeted at $35,000 for this division. Replacement rain gutters on Building C have been included at $30,000. Supplies for streets, storm drains and buildings and grounds have been budgeted at $104,384. Replacement light poles have been budgeted at a cost of $22,000. Snow removal supplies are also included in this category, and $10,500 has been budgeted. Replacement equipment including traffic control signs, barrels, barricades, and tools have been budgeted at $15,715. A replacement trench box has been funded at $18,000 and a gravity-fed sand bagging machine has been funded at $8,200. Uniforms and safety equipment are budgeted at $13,580. ARC flash safety gear for the electricians has been included in the uniform cost at $2,340. In Energy, street lighting is the major expense, and has been budgeted at $540,000. In FY 19, the total Energy cost was $818,771 for this department. Estimates for vehicle fuel and maintenance increase. Allocations for IT Services, radio equipment lease and insurance increase, while the allocation for General Overhead decreases. For FY 22, bulkhead repairs total $29,000 for the bulkheads at the north end of Canal and the south end of Trimpers. A replacement dump truck has been funded in Vehicle Trust at a cost of $190,000.