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All parking was converted to a pay by plate system in FY 19. For April, May and October, parking in the Inlet Lot will be free Monday through Thursday and will be $3/hour Friday through Sunday. From the Friday of Memorial Day weekend through September 30th, the Inlet Lot will be $3.50/hour seven days a week. All other parking will be free Monday through Thursday for April, May and October and $2/hour Friday through Sunday. From the Friday of Memorial Day weekend through September 30th, parking rates will be $3/hour seven days a week. Parking revenue estimates have been increased $192,000 from the FY 24 estimates due to the creation of a Parking Management division. Parking revenue has been split between this department and the Parking Management division.


Forty full-time employees have been funded in Public Works Maintenance budget. The most recent increase was the addition of six Maintenance Worker positions in FY 22. As in other divisions, a step increase and a 3% COLA effective January 1, 2025 have been funded. Both full-time salaries and part-time salaries increase because maintenance employees formerly funded in the Parking division have been transferred to the Street Maintenance division. Two full-time employees and four seasonal Maintenance Worker positions are now funded in the Street Maintenance division, accounting for $150,978 of the increase in the salary and wages line item. There are sixty part-time employees funded in this department, including twenty-two Comfort Station employees. One additional part-time, year-round Building Custodian position was added in FY 25. Overtime increases a total of $16,716 for all four divisions. In this department, allocations for health insurance, retirement and worker’s compensation increase, while the allocation for unemployment decreases. No funds have been included for retiree health (OPEB).


Expenses in Contracted Services include boardwalk maintenance, funded at $20,000, refurbishment of the boardwalk arch and boardwalk signs at $140,000 and Inlet Lot light replacement at $70,000. The beach tractor lease is estimated to increase to $136,400 for FY 25. A weed prevention service at a cost of $37,000 has also been included. An extended parts warranty for the meters has been funded at $32,040. Supplies and Materials includes funding for day-to-day operations. The line item increases $94,363 overall. New batteries for the parking meters have been funded at $22,500. Supplies previously funded in the Parking division have been moved to this division, increasing the cost $34,500. In FY 23, 375 water-filled jersey barriers for sand management in the Inlet Lot were funded at $37,000. Additional sections of jersey barrier were funded in FY 24 at $10,000. Jersey barriers for the boardwalk have been funded in FY 25 at $69,000. Other supplies include comfort station supplies, replacement banners for the boardwalk, beach ramp supplies and replacement sand fence. Energy costs are expected to decrease. Estimates for vehicle fuel, parts and labor are all expected to increase in FY 25. Allocations for radio equipment lease, insurance expense, IT Services, and Vehicle lease increase.