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Projected Program revenue and Admissions/Rental revenue have been estimated to increase $76,259 for FY 24. Program revenue includes fees for programs, camps, and leagues. Concession revenue is budgeted at a lower level in FY 24. Franchise fees from the kayak concession at Northside Park are estimated at $41,900, as the franchise will also remain level in FY 24.


There are four full-time positions budgeted in the Administration division and ten full-time positions budgeted in the Programs division. One full-time Recreation Supervisor position was added in FY 19 by the conversion of two part-time Recreation Coordinator positions, and the savings from the retirement of a long-term Recreation Supervisor. Funding has been included to convert the remaining part-time, year-round Recreation Coordinator position to full-time beginning January 1, 2024. A step increase effective January 1, 2024 has been included for full-time positions. Estimates for retirement and worker’s compensation increase for FY 24, while estimates for unemployment decrease. Health insurance also decreases as funds from the health savings reserve account have been utilized.


Contracted Services include payments to sports camp directors, building maintenance, equipment maintenance, equipment rental, and training and travel. Building maintenance includes $39,190 for replacement of the Community Room ceiling. Remodeling of the East lobby men’s and women’s restrooms has been funded at $47,720. Remodeling of the East gym men’s locker room is shown in the Administration budget at a cost of $48,060, but has been funded from fund balance. Other routine building maintenance has also been funded. Total Building Maintenance expenses in the Administration division totals $186,014. Contracted Services in the Programs division includes $318,990 for payments for programs and camps held by the department. Training costs include attendance at the National Recreation and Parks Association conference for the Recreation Director, and year two of the NRPA Director’s School for the Recreation Superintendent. Year two of Supervisor’s Management School has been included for one employee as well as RecTrac software training for one position in the Administration division. Contracted Services also includes the costs for Senior programs including the bowling alley rental for the Senior Bowling League and the Senior Valentine’s party. Credit card fees decreased to $31,500 for this division. Supply & Material costs decrease $13,136. Supplies for the Programs division are budgeted at $118,700, which includes supplies for all program offerings. A replacement volleyball system has been funded at $5,500. Vehicle expenses are expected to decrease. Intragovernmental allocations for vehicle lease, radio equipment lease and insurance decrease for this division, while the allocation for IT Services increases.