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There are three full-time positions in this division, two firefighter/mechanics and one clerical position. Salary changes include a step increase effective January 1, 2024. Allocations for health insurance, pension and worker’s compensation increase. No contribution for retiree health has been funded.


Contracted Services include such items as: training, fire company physicals, equipment maintenance, communications, and fire company insurance policies. Approved training is funded $1,046 higher than FY 23 and includes one training session for the Firefighter/mechanic positions. Attendance at the FDIC conference, Firemanship Days, and the High-Rise operations conferences have been included. Communications expense is anticipated to increase $17,176 in FY 24. Phone costs, radio maintenance and Verizon wireless cards are funded in this line item. Six replacement pagers are funded at a cost of $3,480. A mobile radio for the new truck that will be received in FY 24 has been funded at $14,000. The Fire Company insurance policies are budgeted at $120,775, an increase of $28,500 over the FY 23 adopted budget. Physicals for volunteer firemen have been budgeted at a cost of $31,845. Fire hose testing and Hurst tool testing have been included at a combined cost of $20,500. Maintenance on the Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus has been funded at $15,737. Building maintenance is projected to increase $16,462, which includes $25,000 to finish station alerting at Fire Station 4. HVAC repairs recommended by the Public Works Facilities Manager have been included at $15,200. Elevator, escalator, and generator maintenance are expected to increase $5,400. Operational supplies include items such as replacement hose, shop supplies, and marine unit supplies. Funded equipment includes: Four AED pros for new utilities, $13,780; four blowhard fans, $20,000; and replacement firefighting foam, $12,000. Fire fighter turnout gear has been included at a cost of $39,750. Boots, hoods, lights, helmets and duty crew uniforms have been included at $20,000. A new program to provide a grant to the Volunteer Fire department has been included in the budget at $65,000. The intention of the grant is to cover a stipend program to provide duty crews. Energy costs are anticipated to remain level for FY 24. Vehicle fuel is budgeted to increase, while vehicle parts is funded at a lower level than FY 23. An allowance for fuel costs for the fire boat has been included at $8,000. Vehicle maintenance costs include funding for an average year of repairs, $175,000. Specific maintenance items include compartment rehabilitation, $30,000 for 707, and four water valves funded at $10,000. The allocations for radio equipment and IT services decrease, while the allocation for insurance increases. Capital outlay reflects the Town’s contribution to the fire equipment fund at $520,000. For FY 24, the funding for this expense will come from fund balance. Funding will remain at $520,000 for FY 25 as part of the Fire Apparatus replacement funding.