Throughout the summer, the OCBP participates in a number of intra-crew, local, regional, all-women and national competitions. While the majority of the competitions are for the entire Beach Patrol, some require the selection of athletes to represent the Ocean City Beach Patrol. The Ocean City Beach Patrol Surf Rescue Association conducts scheduled morning competitions as a means of honing surf rescue skills. The entire Beach Patrol has the opportunity to participate in the East Coast Ocean Series, Iron Guard Competitions, United States Swimming Maryland Open water Championships, as well as a crew competition scheduled at the end of the season.

Captain Craig Swim – July 8th – 14th St. 6:00-7:30pm

Iron Guard – July 21st  65th Street 6 pm

Crew CompsJuly 29th at 6:30 PM. This is a spectator sport where people can see the 17 crews of the Beach Patrol compete and demonstrate their skills.

OCBP Triathlon – August 1st 142nd Street  5:30 pm

Other Competitions:

Being in top physical condition is not only critical to do the daily job of guarding but it also comes in handy for competitions. Some patrol members compete in contests that are held around the area and in other parts of the country for lifeguards. Each year we send a team of OCBP female guards to women’s competitions and we also send a competition team consisting of males and females to participate in the United States Lifeguard Association Regional competitions. In addition we participate in the lifeguard Olympics which is held in Rehoboth Beach every year. Teams are selected through tryouts to represent the OCBP. All of these competitions offer an opportunity for lifeguards throughout the region to display their physical fitness.