Throughout the summer, the OCBP participates in a number of intra-crew, local, regional, all-women and national competitions. While the majority of the competitions are for the entire Beach Patrol, some require the selection of athletes to represent the Ocean City Beach Patrol. The Ocean City Beach Patrol Surf Rescue Association conducts scheduled morning competitions as a means of honing surf rescue skills. The entire Beach Patrol has the opportunity to participate in the East Coast Ocean Series, Iron Guard Competitions, United States Swimming Maryland Open water Championships, as well as a crew competition scheduled at the end of the season.


On Saturday, July 8, 2023, the Ocean City Beach Patrol will be holding this annual event for the 29th time, in honor of former Captain Craig’s 52 years of service. The event registration and finish line will be on the beach at 14th street. Registration begins at 5:00 pm with the race getting underway by approximately 6:30 pm. Participants have the option of pre-registering on-line by Wednesday, July 5, 2023 to take advantage of the reduced entry fee of $30.00 at: This year you have the option of paying the registration fee on site the evening of the swim or by paying through Venmo @michael-stone-95. Competitors also have the option of registering the day of the race for $40.00. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in distance swimming to test their skills and be in an open-water environment with on-the-water safety, provided by Ocean City Beach Patrol Surf Rescue Technicians. All participants will receive a custom event t-shirt (designed by former OCBP member Al Via). Water will be provided to all competitors as well. Hope to SEA you there!

Top 3 finishers in each race and category will receive a Medal and Certificate.

You are responsible for checking-in on the day of the competition and sign a “waiver and release of liability” and receive your competitor number. If you did not pre-pay on-line pay you will also pay the $30.00 registration fee (if Pre-registered by Wednesday, July 5, 2023) or the late registration / On-Site fee of $40.00, before you will be permitted to compete. Those who have pre-paid will have a separate registration line (shorter and faster).


Being in top physical condition is not only critical to do the daily job of guarding but it also comes in handy for competitions. Some patrol members compete in contests that are held around the area and in other parts of the country for lifeguards. Each year we send a team of OCBP female guards to women’s competitions and we also send a competition team consisting of males and females to participate in the United States Lifeguard Association Regional competitions. In addition we participate in the lifeguard Olympics which is held in Rehoboth Beach every year. Teams are selected through tryouts to represent the OCBP. All of these competitions offer an opportunity for lifeguards throughout the region to display their physical fitness.