The Mayor and City Council of Ocean City, Maryland has established a Disaster Relief team to assist fellow Coastal Communities in their time of need, after being hit by a major hurricane or storm. A goal of the team has been to arrive on site within 24 hours post incident, and to return as contracts are initiated by FEMA and resources arrive at the disaster site.

Primary Mission:

To assist local governments by working to secure the personal properties of government employees such as Public Safety and Public Works personnel. By doing so freeing them up of that mental burden, and allowing them to accomplish the job they know best.

Secondary Mission:

Assist local governments in restoring their infrastructure systems, such as Water and Wastewater lift stations, lines, plants. In addition assist in clearing emergency routes for emergency response into the disaster site.


This team operates out of a tractor trailer unit carrying tents, food, and other supplies to ensure that the team is 100% self sufficient. The team and their operation is designed not to burden an already disasterous situation.

Team Make-up:

Elected Official, Emergency Management (Team Leader), Heavy Equipment Operator(s), Carpenter(s), Electrician(s), Paramedic(s), Welder(s), Cook(s), Equipment Mechanic(s), Plumber(s), Wastewater/Water Operator(s), Communications Technician(s).

* Numbers and types of personnel vary based on a mission requirements.


Tractor trailer unit, tandem dump trucks, backhoe, loaders with a 4/1 bucket, vac-truck, support vehicles, light utility units, portable radio system(s), and all other materials necessary.


Response/Aid: South Carolina after Hurricane Hugo
Response/Aid: Homestead, Florida after Hurricane Andrew
Response/Aid: Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina after Hurricane Fran Response/Aid: Jefferson Parish (Hurricane Katrina), La.


In 1998 Central America was devastated by Hurricane Mitch. Millions were left homeless. The Ocean City Disaster Relief Committee who have successfully aided victims of Hurricanes Hugo, Andrew, and Fran went to work for Hondurans. In a 60 day campaign, twenty eight thousand dollars was raised from businesses and people in our community. Construction in Tegucigalpa, Honduras began in February with the S.M.A.R.T. (Surgical/Medical Assistance Relief Teams) organization to build a community of 15 homes with the money raised. Construction is expected to be completed 60-90 days. As Mayor Mathias has stated,” building this community is a permanent solution to a permanent problem.” This project is just another example of your community pulling together for those who have suffered a disaster.