In the Beginning

The Ocean City Emergency Management Organization was created in 1984 as a result of public interest in Ocean City’s state of preparedness for Northeast storms, Hurricanes, and other potentially hazardous situations.

The Ocean City Mayor and City Council adopted resolution 1984-7 in December of 1984. This resolution following the requirements of Maryland Law allowed Ocean City to become recognized and participate in funding support from the Federal and State Emergency Management Agencies.

In following the provisions of Maryland Law an Emergency Management committee was established, the Ocean City Emergency Operations Plan was drafted, and the Mayor recommended the appointment of an Ocean City Emergency Management Director. Mr. Clay Stamp was appointed by Governor Hughes in December of 1984. Upon Mr. Stamp’s retirement, Mr. Joseph Theobald was appointed the Emergency Management Director, by Governor Ehrlich in May 2005.
The First Experience

The Ocean City Emergency Operations Plan received it’s first trial in September of 1985 when Ocean City was skirted by Hurricane Gloria. This strong Atlantic Hurricane caused Ocean City to activate the Emergency Operations Center in the Fire Company Headquarters on 15th Street. Under the leadership of then Mayor Roland Powell Ocean City evacuated an estimated 50,000 residents and visitors. The storm caused significant flooding and damage to the boardwalk area in South Ocean City. It was clear the framework the emergency management organization offered allowed for a smooth operation prior to and after the storm effected Ocean City.

New Home

In 1994 Ocean City constructed the Public Safety Building on 65th Street in Ocean City. This became the new home of the Ocean City Emergency Operations Center. This facility offers a more secure location and allows for the use of advanced technology to communicate and track events.

The Future

Through Public Relations we strive to encourage preparedness. Through working with other agencies we continue to coordinate, Through others who have experienced disaster we will learn to better plan, and most importantly we will strive each day to make a difference! Projects we have been working on will be posted here.