Baltimore Avenue Improvements North Division Street to 15th Street (Roadway Plan – Alternative1)


Baltimore Avenue – Existing Conditions (12th Street – 13th Street)


Baltimore Avenue – Alternative 1 (12th Street – 13th Street)


Baltimore Avenue – Alternative 2 (12th Street – 13th Street)

My apologies for not providing a recent update on the project. I am still settling in with my new role as City Manager. First, despite my new job title, I will still be the primary point of contact for this project during the design phase. Once we get under construction Hal Adkins will take over that role.

You have probably seen the many utility markings and survey stakes that have sprouted up over the past 3 months. Currently the project is in design and we are still scheduled to begin construction of phase 1 this fall. You may also have seen or will see soil borings taking place both inside the current street bed and outside the sidewalks. These borings are used by the engineer to help design the pavement, stormwater management, and landscape portions of the project. The soil boring locations behind the sidewalk are NOT indicative of the new sidewalk locations or the location of any proposed improvement.

We hope to have a good handle on the locations of the proposed new above ground utility equipment by the end of this month. We will then be reaching out to each of you regarding the remaining right of way abandonment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.

Terry J. McGean, PE
City Manager

[email protected]