Due to operational changes related to the COVID-19 response, application processing (including testing/interview) may be significantly delayed or postponed

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We advertise on the Town’s website and in local and regional newspapers, other websites, local Department of Labor and Licensing Regulations (DLLR) offices, on the bulletin board of City Hall and bulletin boards of all Town of Ocean City Departments.

It is the City’s policy only to accept Town of Ocean City applications with resumes for currently available positions as advertised. Complete your application online by following the appropriate link for full-time positions.

You may fax your completed application to us at 410-289-8766 for all full time positions when advertised. Advertisements for temporary or part-time vacancies will specify how to apply for that specific Department.

To receive an application via US Mail or for any other specific employment information, contact the Human Resource Office at 410-289-8822.

Please email only full-time applications and resumes to [email protected] or mail. You may also fax your completed applications when fax numbers are provided or mail to:

Town of Ocean City
Human Resources Office
P.O. Box 158
Ocean City, MD 21843