Age 60 and Older

Resident senior bus passes are only available to those within OC corporate limits

A Senior Resident Bus Pass is available to Ocean City residents and property owners 60 years of age and over. This pass permits unlimited passage on Ocean City public transit buses, ADA Paratransit services (if qualified), and Boardwalk Trams from 12pm to 4pm on non-holiday dates and $1.00 off the Tram fare at all other times. The pass is not applicable for Medical Appointment Transportation (MEDTRN) services. The cost of the Senior Resident Bus Pass is $7.00 and is valid for two years. The pass can be obtained at City Hall, 3rd Street & Baltimore Ave, Monday thru Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., excluding holidays.

All applications for Resident Senior Bus Passes and renewals require proof of age, residency, or property ownership such as an Ocean City tax bill. 

A Non-Resident Senior Bus Pass is available free of charge to anyone 60 years of age or older. The Non-Resident Senior Bus Pass entitles holders to half-fare passage on the Ocean City public transit buses and ADA Paratransit services (if qualified). The Non-Resident Bus Pass is not recognized for reduced or free passage on Boardwalk Trams and is not applicable for use on Medical Appointment Transportation (MEDTRN) services. The pass can be obtained from: City Hall at 3rd St. & Baltimore Ave. 410-289-8221; Ocean City Convention Center Visitors Bureau at 40th St. bayside 410-723-8600; Ocean City Police Department at 65th St. bayside 410-723-6610; or Ocean City Recreation and Parks at 125th St. bayside 410-250-0125.

Hours of operation vary, please call ahead. All applications for non-Resident Senior Bus Passes require proof of age. For additional information call the City Hall receptionist at 410-289-8221.