The Ocean City Recreation and Parks Department may have just what you need from equipment reservations and fields, to picnic areas and volleyball courts. Most facilities are located within our Town’s five square miles, so you hardly have to leave your backyard! Call (410) 250 0125 to find the right place for your next event.


You can reserve the community room at Northside Park for a recreation program or community group meeting or function for $50/hour (2 hour minimum) for residents and $70/hour (2 hour minimum) for nonresidents. There may be additional charges for a supervisor, setups, breakdowns, etc.


Play ball! Special sport bags with softball and volleyball equipment are available for use. The softball equipment bag includes three bats and six softballs. It does not include bases or gloves. The volleyball equipment bag includes two volleyball nets, two sand boundary markers and two volleyballs. It does not include standards. The fee for each of the equipment bags is $30/day for residents and $42/day for nonresidents.

FIELDS (based on availability)

If you need some open space to swing a bat, kick or pass a ball, play dodge ball, or just run around, Ocean City has a place for you. Field space may be reserved by the hour with additional fees attached for lights and special requests. Call for details. The reservation fee is $44/hour for residents and $55/hour for nonresidents. You may also have the fields lined for $85 per field (Softball or baseball.) The soccer, lacrosse, or football lining is $150 per field.

Downtown Recreation Complex: Softball field

Northside Park: Softball/Baseball/Soccer field and Multipurpose Open Space


Want to reserve a gymnasium for a game of indoor basketball, volleyball, or soccer against your friends, relatives, or co-workers? We have four basketball courts or two full gymnasiums available at Northside Park. The fee for reserving each court is $42-$48/hour for residents and $62-69/hour for nonresidents. The fee to reserve a whole gymnasium is $88/hour for residents and $122/hour for non-residents. For reservations for tournaments (basketball, hockey, lacrosse, soccer) flat fee of $125 per hour. There may be additional charges for a supervisor, setups, breakdown, etc.

SHELTERS/PICNIC AREAS (available May-mid September)

Pack a lunch, grab your family, and enjoy some quality time at one of our lovely sites. Reservations of these sites will guarantee availability. Cost for 1 – 4 hours reservation is $75 for residents and $94 for nonresidents.


Picnic Pavilion (grill & water access), Gazebo (pier and gazebo), Bomanite Patio (picnic tables)


Picnic Pavilion (grill, water and bathroom access)


Picnic Pavilion (grill)


Raise a racquet with a group of your tennis pals. Large groups wishing to reserve a tennis facility may do so upon submitting a $35 down Payment and completing a facility use application. Fees are $14 per court hour from 7a.m.-1p.m. and $10 per court hour from 1p.m.-8p.m. for either the Premier or Fast-Dry courts. During the off-season most facilities are available for play at no charge with all participants to abide by posted rules.

Ocean City Tennis Center (61st Street): 6 Premier Courts / 3 Fast Dry Clay Courts
Little Salisbury Park (94th Street): 2 Hard Courts
Gorman Park (136th Street): 1 Hard Court
Downtown Recreation Complex (3rd Street): 2 Hard Courts

VOLLEYBALL COURTS (available June-September)

There are 6 courts which are located between 2nd & 12th Streets. Beach Volleyball courts may be reserved for $35/hour/court for residents and $44/hour/court for nonresidents. Large groups and tournament organizers may elect to complete a special events permit. Cost is $35 to process application, with a minimum reservation fee of $100/day. Restrictions apply. Please call 410-250-0125 for more information.