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What you’ll find in our Park

Described by some as one of the best uses of limited space, the Ocean Bowl offers an incredible array of skating areas for skaters of all skill levels. “B” identifies Beginner areas, “I” identifies Intermediate areas, “A’ identifies Advanced areas.

Vertical Ramp (I, A): Our vertical ramp is layered in skatelite and is 32 feet wide and 12 feet tall with 10 ½ foot transitions and 1 ½ feet of vertical. *Beginners can use the flat bottom of this ramp to pump if it’s not being skated by more advanced skaters.

Mini Ramp (B, I, A): The mini ramp is layered in steel and is 24 feet wide with an 8 foot transition cut down to 6 feet.

Pool (I, A): The concrete pool is one of the most unique features of the Ocean Bowl. The shallow (north) end has a 7 foot radius and is 5 feet deep. The deep (south) end is 8 1/2 feet deep with an 8 foot radius and 1/2 inch of vertical. The shallow end is 20 feet wide while the deep end is 28 feet, with a rounded hip connecting the two on the east wall. *Beginners can use the bottom of this area if it’s not being skated by more advanced skaters.

Small Bowl (B, I): The small bowl or “bird bath” has 7 foot transitions and is 4 feet deep. It has four rounded corners and angled lips, with the exception of the west wall which is higher and rounded and connects to the deep end of the Pool. The north wall connects into the street area.

Gnar Wall (A): The Gnar wall will provide a challenge to even the most advanced skaters. A 7 foot transition with 1 ½ feet of vertical with inlaid steel coping connects via a rounded hip to the Small Bowl on the south end, and to a downsized slope wall on the north.

Banked Walls (B, I, A): The concrete banked walls are 5 feet high with a mellow, noncurved transition. They are ideal for more technical streetskating style tricks & cruise carving.

Pyramid (B, I, A): Standing 5 feet high, 4 feet wide on the west side and 8 feet on the east, this concrete pyramid has it all. The south face has a rounded corner and an angled lip connecting to the banked walls, while the west and north faces have rounded lips that connect to the “Back Bowl”.

Corner and Hips (I, A): This section of the park has a corner and two 90 degree hips. The hip to the east (adjacent to the Mini Ramp) has an angled lip. The corner and the west hip both have inlaid steel coping are favorites of our skaters.

Back Bowl/Escalators (B, I, A): This section of the park is a skate park in itself. The entire area has 8 foot transitions and stands 5 feet high, with the exception of a 6 foot section on the north wall that extends to 8 feet high with escalators on both sides. This entire area, including the extension escalators and corners, has inlaid steel coping, and is a park in itself.