Phone: 410-250-0125 – Address: 200 125th St. – Ocean City, MD

Dear Neighbors,

Welcome to the Ocean City Recreation and Parks Department’s web page.  We hope you will enjoy the many amenities and programs available to you and your family, and continue to encourage you to make positive lifestyle choices in your pursuit of healthy and active living.

Our initiative to enhance and expand programs and facilities that encourage physical activity and promote healthy lifestyles while having fun, as well as our efforts to provide healthy-snack options in our vending and concession operations, are reflected in our continued designation as a Maryland’s Healthiest Business.  We hope you will join our efforts to make Ocean City a healthier and more active community as you embrace our call to action and “Get Active. Be Healthy. Have Fun!”

Get Active!  No more putting it off until tomorrow.  Select one of our active programs and get your body moving, or get outside and enjoy Ocean City’s well-maintained parks and beautiful beach as you push yourself through a good stretch, vigorous walk or jog, or simply enjoy a mental uplift just being in the midst of such amazing spaces.  Northside Park’s outdoor fitness area is the perfect place to strengthen your muscles and your mind. Eagle’s Landing Golf Course offers walking opportunities. The Ocean Bowl Skate Park, the Ocean City Racquet Center and other tennis, pickleball, racquetball and basketball courts around town provide opportunities for movement, fitness and fun.  And, of course, open space and pathways, the Boardwalk, and more are open venues for outdoor wellness activities.

Be Healthy!  Make good lifestyle choices.  Choose a healthy snack over one that is full of sugar and fat, take advantage of health-based programs, and work with our partner organizations such as AGH and the Worcester County Health Department to learn about how you can improve and monitor your health.  It’s up to you, and we’re here to help!

Have Fun!  We believe that staying active and being more health conscious can be sustained over time through fun.  We build fun and enjoyment into all the programs, services and facilities we offer, and hope that you will “Discover an Ocean of Fun” at Ocean City Recreation and Parks.

Thank you for visiting our web page.  We look forward to seeing you out and about in Ocean City.


Susan Petito
Director, Recreation and Parks