Canadian Air Force Jet Demonstration Squadron: An Air Show Featurette


Start time of 2:30 p.m. and will last for 40 to 50 minutes.

Centered at 3rd Street & The Beach

DOWNLOADS: TFR and Aerobatics Box Restrictions Notice  l  5NM TFR Airspace Map


Ocean City is proud to host the Royal Canadian Air Force SNOWBIRDS Jet Demonstration Squadron on Wednesday, May 23, 2018 for a stand-alone performance. Ocean City hosts the OC Air Show every June – now entering its 11th year of production. The show has hosted many performers over the years including the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and the U.S. Navy Blue Angels. One “local to our continent” team that has unfortunately been missing is the Canadian Air Force Snowbirds. Although the Snowbirds do schedule stops stateside, it is a rare occurrence to witness them flying outside of Canada during the summer months of June July and August when Canada’s air show season is in full swing. Enter this rare opportunity we now have for 2018! The Town will host the Snowbirds in May prior to their return to Canada for a one shot aerial experience over the waters off of Ocean City’s beach.

The team will be between full weekend air shows when they come to Ocean City, arriving on Tuesday, May 22nd and base out of Ocean City Municipal Airport southwest of Town. The team will fly one performance on Wednesday with an expected “smoke-on” start time of 2:30pm and last for 40 to 50 minutes. The aerial performance will be centered just off of 3rd Street and the beach and will provide good viewing from 1st Street to 5th Street on the beach with further north and south having a diminishing return on the visual experience. Viewing the performance is free and it is recommended to plan to bring your own seating or rent on site. Watch forecasts and plan ahead. The team has four different shows they can perform based on weather with only a constant rain, fog or lightning posing an issue. There is no rain date for the event.

The Town will also work with a local establishment to host the Snowbirds pilots and team for an opportunity to interact with the general public and venue patrons. This will be announced once plans are solidified.

The team will depart Ocean City Municipal Airport in the morning of Thursday, May 24th.

Ocean City SnowbirdsTHE TEAM

The Canadian Forces (CF) Snowbirds, 431 Air Demonstration Squadron are a Canadian icon comprised of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members and National Defence Public Service employees.

Pilots, technicians (aviation, avionics, aircraft structure, supply), mobile support operators, resource management support clerks, an engineering officer, a logistics officer and a public affairs officer representing all three elements (Army, Navy and Air Force), work as a team to bring thrilling performances to the public. Serving as ambassadors of the CAF, the CF Snowbirds demonstrate the high level of skill, professionalism, teamwork, discipline and dedication inherent in the men and women of the CAF and they inspire the pursuit of excellence wherever they go in North America.

In their 48th season, the Snowbirds continue to inspire with thrilling aerobatic performances and breathtaking fly-bys over cities and towns across Canada and the United States. The Snowbirds invite you to see its dedicated team showcasing their aviation expertise at an air show near you. Come meet the pilots, the public affairs officer, and highly skilled aviation systems, avionics systems, aircraft structures, and mobile support technicians.


Shortly before the performance and until its completion, a safety zone referred to as the aerobatic box will be enacted in the Atlantic Ocean where the Snowbirds Jet Demonstration Team will perform overhead aerobatic maneuvers. This safety zone remains sterile of human life with the exception of essential personnel during a designated time window for the performance. For our Snowbirds demonstration. This safety zone will be active from approximately 2:00pm to 4:00pm on Wednesday, May 23rd. The box will be marked at its four corners with yellow buoys and enforced by the U.S. Coast Guard and partnering authorities.

The FAA will also mandate a temporary flight restriction within the area of the aerial performance (also known as a TFR). The TFR restricted use of air space for a specified amount of time. The TFR for this event will encompass all air space within a 5 nautical mile radius of the safety zone show center point from surface to an altitude of 10,000 feet. This air space will be closed from 2:00pm to 4:00pm on Wednesday, May 23rd. This also restricts use of kites, drones, RC aircraft and parasailing operations which are treated the same as aircraft in the area by the FAA and local enforcement authorities.

Temporary restrictions related to entering the ocean from the beach along the length of the active safety zone also may be enacted if deemed necessary by local authorities.


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