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Recreational Opportunities

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The benefits of the Sports Complex extend far beyond sports. They reach into our local economy, providing opportunities for growth and prosperity. By supporting this project, you’re not just investing in a sports facility; you’re investing in the future of Ocean City and Worcester County. We invite you to join us in making this vision a reality. Let’s unlock the economic potential of our coastal paradise, create jobs, and offer recreational opportunities for all. Together, we can make Maryland’s Coastal Sports Complex a shining example of community development and prosperity.

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Together, we’ll turn this vision into a vibrant reality on Maryland’s Coast!

Economic Impacts of the Sports Tourism Sector

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The Background: How Did We Get Here?

Where Are We Now: The Mayor's Task Force

On September 13, 2023, Mayor Rick Meehan held a meeting at the Roland E. Powell Convention Center. The meeting, which lasted four hours, discussed the history of the Sports Complex project in Worcester County and included presentations from the Maryland Stadium Authority and Sports Facilities Management. The task force unanimously agreed on the following issues:

a. Scope: Indoor and Outdoor.

b. Sports: All sports that are possible to fit on site. Emphasis on lacrosse.

c. Size of Property: Big enough property to accommodate what is being proposed with the ability for future expansions.

d. Determine best course of action for following up with the legislature: Work with the Maryland Stadium Authority through the legislative process with the Maryland General Assembly to:

i. In 2023, obtain funding for design.
ii. In 2024, obtain funding for the project to move forward with construction.

A link to the meeting minutes can be found here.

Unlocking Economic Prosperity on Maryland’s Coast

At the heart of Ocean City, Maryland, lies a vision that promises to revitalize our community, boost our local economy, and provide endless opportunities for both residents and visitors alike. The proposed Ocean City Sports Complex is more than just a sports facility; it’s a catalyst for growth, development, recreation and prosperity in Ocean City and Worcester County.

The Economic Benefits

Imagine a place where sports enthusiasts from all over the country gather to compete, families make unforgettable memories, and local businesses flourish. That’s the promise of the Sports Complex.

    1. Tourism Boost: A state-of-the-art sports complex is a magnet for sports tournaments, championships, and events. These gatherings will draw thousands of athletes, spectators, and their families to our area. More visitors mean increased bookings for hotels, vacation rentals, and restaurants, giving our local tourism industry a substantial boost.
    2. Job Creation: Building and operating a Sports Complex requires a dedicated workforce. From construction jobs during the development phase to ongoing positions for facility management, maintenance, and event coordination, this project will provide meaningful employment opportunities for our community. It’s not just about jobs; it’s about careers that support our families.
    3. Increased Revenue: When people come to play sports, they also shop, dine, and explore our beautiful town. The increased foot traffic will lead to a rise in revenue for local businesses, helping them thrive and contribute more to our community.
    4. Year-Round Activity: Ocean City is known for its vibrant summers, but with the Sports Complex, we’ll extend our tourist season into the off-peak months. Sports tournaments don’t hibernate during the winter, providing a consistent influx of visitors throughout the year.

Recreational Opportunities

Our Sports Complex isn’t just about competition; it’s about creating a healthy, active community:

1. Youth Development: The Complex will offer youth sports programs, helping children build character, teamwork, and physical fitness through organized sports.
2. Senior Wellness: We’ll provide programs for seniors to stay active, fostering a healthier, happier aging population.
3. Community Events: The Complex will host community events, from fitness classes to local charity fundraisers, bringing our residents together.
4. Facilities for All: The Sports Complex will be accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities, ensuring inclusivity for all members of our community.


This question can be answered in three words: Worcester County Children.  This is the essence of our county with Ocean City being the Mid Atlantic’s playground.  Virginia Beach, Myrtle Beach and Atlantic City have all invested in sports.  In fact, they are all success! HBO did a REAL SPORTS Documentary on Youth Sports that everyone should view.  

Yes, both the county and the city contracted the Maryland Stadium Authority/Crossroads Consulting for the purpose of the development of a sports complex. In addition, the internal staff of Worcester County comprised of the county administrator, assistant county administrator, planning and zoning director, county attorney, finance director, economic development director and director of recreation and parks reviewed and recommended the project.