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Latest Happenings:

by: Julie Golightly, CPH


  • Over seed thin or bare areas in lawn from February through March. The freezing and thawing of the soil helps the seed get good soil contact. Snowfall over top of seed will not harm it
  • Keep ice melting products off of lawn to prevent damage
  • Avoid walking on frozen grass. This damages the crown of the grass plants
  • Check the pH of lawn soil and adjust if needed

Woody Ornamentals

  • Trees and shrubs can still be pruned. Do not prune spring flowering ornamentals unless you need to reduce the number of blooms or size of the shrub
  • When buds swell on spring flowering shrubs, harvest a few branches for indoor forcing
  • January and February are the two most severe winter months for “winter burning” of evergreens. Protect by surrounding them with burlap windbreaks
  • Keep snow off of shrubs by gently sweeping in an upward motion
  • Winter burn is associated with dry soil. Expect some winter burning due to the dry summer and if plants were not properly watered during fall’s dry spells

Herbaceous Ornamental Plants

  • Prune out damaged leaves and inspect susceptible plants for scale problems. Scale can be controlled with a dormant oil spray as long as temperatures remain above freezing for 24 hours after spraying
  • Continue cutting back perennials to clean up garden beds and remove debris

Pond/Water Gardens

  • Use a deicer to prevent solid ice formation on the pond. This allows for good gas and oxygen exchange between the air and water so fish stay alive over the winter
  • Do not feed fish until water temperature is at least 50 degrees. Their metabolism shuts down in cooler temperatures and food will not digest resulting in illness or death

Soil, Mulch, and Compost

  • Now is still a good time to have soil tested and amended
  • Keep all ice melting products and materials away from landscape plants. Builder’s or all purpose sand is a good alternative to improve traction
  • If you have not mulched your garden, apply mulch now to protect plant crowns and shallow root systems from severe cold weather injury
  • Compost pile microbes are greatly reduced, although still active. Continue to add to your compost pile. Keep large sticks, roots, and woody stems out since they take too long to breakdown and make turning difficult

Park Luncheon

OCBC was happy to once again host a luncheon for the park workers who worked so hard getting our Northside Park ready for Winterfest. This year we celebrated the attendance was an all time high.

We had homemade soup, sandwiches, salads, chips, soft drinks, desserts and a great time. See pictures

Ocean City Beautification Committee was pleased to have a display at the Mayor and City Council 19th Open House at the Roland E. Powell Convention Center.

It was fun looking through old scrapbooks with pictures of pass activities. We had a banner given to us by the Arbor Day Foundation for 25 year of service. We had a poster showing some of our projects.

The water feature the workers are building at the entrance of the convention is being paid for from our Reflections of Life project.

See pictures

2014 Decorating City Hall

View our photos here

Ocean City Beautification Committee recently added a lovely new pergola at City Hall.